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It’s pretty crazy in the UK right now due to all the snow over the past few days, we don’t actually get that much snow here and despite the UK’s rich resources we don’t seem to prepare for the snow and then we deal with it badly when it arrives. The country generally comes to standstill when the snow hits.

This is what the roads looked like near me, not so bad but so still enough to cause problems.

For many people the change in the weather will mean a loss of earnings, lots people can’t get out to work and those that do make it out to work will often find they have no customers.

Today the snow didn’t affect my online earnings but it did make me think of all those people that couldn’t make any money which is going to be even tougher on them during the run up to Christmas.

I want to help you and as many others build your online businesses so that when these types of things happen you don’t get caught out and can still earn money.

Even if your online business could not provide a full time income, I’m sure a little extra money would help you out during these tough economic times.

So the idea behind this post is that you can “Ask Me Anything” and I’ll answer your question as best I can.

I have a lots of experience in many aspects of both online and offline businesses.

Offline includes –

Management, Marketing, Accounting, Company formation, Taxes

Online includes –

As with offline but skilled in web design, web promotion, affiliate marketing, seo, web revenues, conversions, email marketing… and all that kind of stuff with the exception of CPA (Cost Per Action). I’ve had a go at almost everything online (some with more success than others) and I should have something valuable to share with you on your questions.

You can ask me anything you want!

How to ask a question & the rules.

1) Leave your question in the comments area below – add your unique question, add relevant details and your website if you wish.

2) Please keep comments focused and no too long. I’m going to be reading and answering them all.

3) Ask a unique question, if the same question is asked twice it will only be answered once.

4) Ask a specific question, if you ask “whats the best source of traffic?” you won’t get the best answer as I don’t know anything about you or your website.

5) In a few days I’ll create a new post with all the questions and answers in a easy to read format.

Start asking your questions below.


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  1. pratik says:

    wats the way to promot website and get traffic??
    Aren’t there any other way other than directory submission,blog comment,forum posting ,social bookmarking???
    arent there other technique as green browser and submitterbot???

  2. Greaham C says:

    Hi, how do you find quality back links on the internet with a high Page Rank ? I have got a few but am aiming for page 1 on several key words. I understand that quality is better than quantity, is this correct ?

    My website is

  3. Sven says:

    Hi Lee,
    here’s my question : in your opinion and experience, how usefull is it to buy targeted traffic to your site? On a total of 4500 targeted visitors, how many sales can I realistically expect?
    The reason I ask this, is that buying 27.000 visitors (not targeted) didn’t get me a single sale!
    My main site is : and it’s a PIPS.
    Thanks for the answer!

  4. Ng Eng Hou says:

    any good but free SEO tools to recommend to me for my wordpress blog ?
    my blog at current has a 6.7/10, please tell me how I can improve further on the rating of this blog?

  5. Julie says:

    What was it that inspired you to start web-submissions and this blog?

  6. hi lee , not getn no response from my website an how can i be seen on page 1 of google . jennifer

  7. Amy Mah says:

    Deep in my cave I am keeping warm and just because you are a Vampire it does not mean you do not get cold.

    Turnlings are the undead and do not feel the cold but as a true born vampire I feel the cold and it is cold !

    Amy Mah Vampire

  8. BobAJob says:

    Hi, I have just built a web directory in Ireland. I have attached this to my business directory. I was wondering do you know where is the best place to advertise my website directory, as there is so many of them. Is there a website directory list i can add my Directory to?

    Best of luck with the snow, it’s getting bad here in Dublin too

  9. How can i increase my adsense and affiliate sales with this blog. P.S are you doing any charitable work for the holidays like maybe mentoring those who are less unfortunate?

  10. syah says:

    I want to ask a few question if u can answer me…
    1. where can i put my “BestSimple” website in the internet?
    2. where can I get the best source of MRR and PLR ?
    3. how can i make profit from my web site source?
    4. for how long i have to wait since i submit my web site to search engine?
    5. for how long i have to wait since i i submit to the directory?
    6. how can i use usenet, forum and yahoogroup , facebook..?

  11. Darryl says:

    I have family visiting me in South Africa.. they are smiling all the way through the sunshine…

  12. Malbaba says:

    Dear sir,
    Thank you for your offer to help.
    I need to know the best way of building external links to my website in order to get higher ranking, it is been running for 3 years now, active in the UK, 5000 monthly visitors, ranks good for some related keywords, but according to, we are globally ranked number 2.471.752 with only 3 sites linking in…
    Thank you and I appreciate your advise

  13. Vladim says:

    I ask you is there a chance to add my url in your page.
    My home page is:

    Many thanks
    Vladim Petrik

  14. bigshow says:

    i need to know whether you can advertise for me on face book,i also need to know how i can pay you by money transfer system because i do not have online payment means

  15. Bon rua says:

    it is very beautiful

  16. Hi Lee,
    I have signed up with numerous MLM/affiliate programs like GDI,SFI,Clickbank,ASN.
    So far only ASN works and pays without spending a dime.
    Does other programs like Reality Networkers work?
    Are there other good affiliate programs?

  17. John says:

    Good morning, from an even snowier, colder France. Minus 17 yesterday.

    My new site, needs tweaking, I know. Meta tags etc on some products. But ti sis apparently not visible after about a month.

    What have I done wrong,please?????

  18. Mike Joy says:

    I have a freebies web site ( ) that has been running for a while and after initial SEO it was doing quite well. However it has started dropping drastically and I can’t work out why. It ranks as 2nd on google for free ipod shuffle and on page 2 for free iphone 4. But Alexa rank was around 900,000 but is now 3 1/2 million does this matter ?

  19. lee says:

    as a newbie to the web world
    i am learning new things every day, 6 months a go i never knew what PR and SEO was
    6 months on i am now getting over 2000 hits a month to my site but sales are still slacking

    Ok my question to you
    How can i improve the hits and the sales thats not to complicated for a freshman and without getting another company involved

    • Bob White says:

      Also a newbie and wondering HOW in the world you get that many hits per month — I’m on this computer for hours every day following everyones
      instructions and not getting those results without a million dollars to buy this or that. hope your kind enough to share info with me.

  20. madyjojjef says:

    Hi, i got your mail, i wish you are well.
    if you have any suggestion than let me know.
    God bless you

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