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For a while now I’ve been thinking about releasing my own information product, but before I jump right in and start creating it, I wanted to get your thoughts on what it should have within it.

Okay, so the basic idea is to show people how to make money online using small, simple and easy to create websites.

How much money? you ask,

I would like to teach people how to reproduce an income of $1000+ per month using just one revenue stream, it should be noted that by using additional revenue streams the income will be improved massively. But I really want people to concentrate on the basic principles before they get all wrapped up in many different things.

Right now I expect the product to be made up of four modules and each module will take a person step by step through each and every process.

1) The research: How to do research and find the right markets to enter

2) The website: How to setup a money making website from scratch (I think I will also include some templates)

3) Traffic: How to drive a mass of visitors to your website

4) Money: (Conversion / Testing / Tuning) Now that you have all the basics in place this part will show you how to actually make money from your website, and then build upon your initial success and improve your earnings per visitor.

Okay that’s the concept, but I need to ask this initial question (below).

I’d also like to know what other items should be included in the product, how simple should the product be, what do you think you would need most help with, is after sales / ongoing support important, would you rather just a how to get traffic guide?

If you would like to add comments, questions or suggestions for this product please leave them in the comments area below.




  1. All seems like a good idea but again how many times have I seen this maybe you could try it out with a few people and see if they make money.

  2. admin says:

    Your ideas are noted, I think I know of a way to work this out so people can get in and try the product at little cost and produce some results and at a later date I could roll out a more refined product using the feedback and social proof provided by these initial testers.

  3. admin says:

    @Pop Emil
    Thanks for your comments, I know it’s tough out there. I like a challenge and I’d like to add my own unique ideas to this crowed market place.

  4. admin says:

    I’m aware that some people offer free how to make money type of guides but this will be more like a business action plan.

    It’s very unlikely that I would give this away.

    I know others make claims of making xyz, and then give a guide on how its done. But I’m actually going to show people how I do it. It’s not going to be a theory, or and idea about making money online, It’s going to be based on fact and my own personal experience.

  5. admin says:

    @Chris Ebaugh
    Thanks for your comments, I’d like to make this guide as basic as I can. I understand that many people can get lost & confused when trying to reproduce others methods.

  6. admin says:

    @Steve Wyman
    I quite like the idea of social proof, getting some people to try the product and showing their results. My only concern is the time frame, I never intended this to be a get rich quick scheme. Would you like to see the results as a person goes on say month by month?

  7. admin says:

    @Eric brown
    I use many methods to drive traffic to my sites, I would like to share some of these methods within this guide, I’m not a huge fan of writing articles unless it’s something I’m interested in. I won’t be advising people to write tons of articles to get traffic. I’ll be showing you how to get your traffic to make you more traffic!

  8. charles says:

    Hi Lee
    Like someone said there is too many of these sites that promise a good income and yours has to come up with a different taste. This is what I can tell you, make yours a true and successful product and let word of mouth do the footwork.Therefore you hav to plant a couple of test witnesses to your product across the world by randomly picking them up and asking them to try the product with costs paid by you.then you have to ask them to document all results systematically. Then you have to let thm carry on when the product is on full swing and used thir realtime experiences to sell your new product.Convincing too much on the net noadays is offputting! Good luck

  9. Pop Emil says:

    I voted 20 just to see most voters did the same, so the gods decided: Alea jacta est!

    As most folks that comented here said, you are heading against such a confusin market due to the weird competiton that it will be rather difficult to emerge out of the crowds.

    If you need a beta tester I can take it, I am a maverick and love to try things out.

    Let me know,


  10. Don says:

    I would not pay (even) $20 for such an information item.
    Make it a give away that people get if & when they sign up for your premium web submition plan @ the per/month charges.
    As said above, there are so many of them out there (some are free for your name and eMail address) that to get someone to pay for it would be a real hard sell.

  11. Chris Ebaugh says:

    I am an older person with no savvy when it comes to online income producing. A product that will walk you thru the entire process and actually produce even a little income would be a true boon to my 50+ generation. I have tried a couple other “guru” types and all it ended up was each module cost more money and I never got anything producing anything. I would love to test out your model and let you know how easy or hard it was complete. if it actually produced money for the end user I would tout it to the tree tops.

  12. admin says:

    If and when the product is created I will launch some kind of trial to get feedback on the product before it’s final release to the public. It may be possible to offer a part of the product for free when on public release and they give people the option of buying the rest of the guide at a later date. Many marketers often use reports to act as samples of the product. I’ll have to think about this, your comments are noted.

  13. Eric brown says:

    I have bought so much stuff like this that I think it will never happen. Why ? because anyone and I mean anyone can get a product and website up in no time it’s just bish bosh done, but what only a few, who either have loads of money, or time to sit writing all day, can do is get the right traffic.If you want to sell something sell a system that actually gets traffic rather than just promise traffic.

  14. Steve Wyman says:

    Sure That was my point in a nut shell.

    However showing me proof from your adsense account etc is no more than they all do.

    I was suggesting that you have students that prove it works and use them to help publiscise. They gain both ways. They would naturally be super affiliates for your product

    Looking at this slightly differently whats you USP (unique selling propersition) thats what you ned to find otherwise im sorry to say you are selling the same as others.

    good luck i mean that ill follow your journey with interest

  15. John says:

    Ok my input on your idea, For those who have nothing to give into this idea of yours. What could you do to make it available for all pocket sizes i.e free limited trial 30days And upgrade. free BETA Test 30days NO upgrade (Beta testers Have to join the program Or wait for next beta release). Just some thoughts

    Good Luck

  16. admin says:

    @Richard Bishop
    I can related to exactly what your saying, many “gurus” teach a method using whatever to latest hyped up craze is. I’m going to teach the actual methods the gurus use to make money online, for example you should be doing what they or I do. I want to teach all that stuff.
    As this will be my first product I will be looking to create a name or brand for myself I want people to believe in me, and believe what I say to be true. I hope to make you successful and that will in turn create more success for me and I don’t just me money, the happiness from of helping others is unreal.

  17. admin says:

    @Steve Wyman Thanks for your comments, I know their are many products like this on the market but most are not very good, cannot be reproduced or products that promise the world and deliver very little. I’ve had my own share of these poor products but I’ve learned from it and want to share the same methods I personally use.
    My ideas are based on sound principles and they can be build upon, this is not just a one off get rich quick scheme you see everywhere it’s more of a building a business type idea.

    I’ll be adding some credible proof of earnings and not just hype.


  18. Nice blog and interesting indeed. As an SEO myself I really liked it.

  19. Lee:
    I think you are on the right track, but here is the problem I see. There are so many people out there that say they can help generate traffic to your website as well as a revenue stream and when you purchase their products they tend to be full of hot air. I’m not saying that would be your program but what I am saying is it may be a difficult sell because there are so many out there already.
    I like your idea and I do think it could work. Id also say that for people such as my self who is a new member of the web master community I think that a step by step (Hand holding) process would be best.
    Good luck on this product and I wish you all the best.

  20. Steve Wyman says:


    I answered $20. I mention this as its significant.

    The web is full of the kind of product your suggesting. Ive seen 3 on squidoo this week.

    What your proposing however is a little different it includes a $ amount. Thats a good thing.

    I am right now specifically targeting $30 a day (so call it $1000 a month).

    What you product would have to do to get to $100 is set out a specific set of step that i could mechanically follow to achieve success and id have to believe that any refernce you used to success were proven not just faces with some text.

    I’d support your effforts and if you need beta testers please let me know.


    Steve Wyman

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