How To Make Offline Clients Hand You $1600 Checks – And Love You For It!

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Host: Keith Dougherty

Description: On this special workshop you will discover:

How To Make Offline Clients Give You $1600.00 Checks In 3 Simple Steps!

What if you could become a hero to local offline businesses and collect some serious four figure checks in the process all in 5 days?

Do you think that would change some things financially for you? You bet it would and that’s exactly what Keith Dougherty is going to show you in a LIVE training session July 1st at 8pm EST!

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Keith is going to show you a method that NO ONE is teaching right now in the offline world and it has nothing to do with PPC or SEO. The bottom line is offline marketing is HOT right now as local businesses are starting to understand just how powerful the internet is! Your going to learn

– How to get businesses to hand you $1600.00 checks and be happy to do so!

– How to become the local offline hero by offering a free service?

– How to turn your clients into raving fans and make them money within 5 days

– and much, much more

This webinar will fill up because offline marketing is where it’s at right now, so don’t wait to sign up!

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