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Lee here, I hope you’re well?
I just sending you a quick message about a tool that will improve your
website traffic and earnings.
Over these past few years or so I’ve been using a super simple system that
has grown my online business to levels I’d never thought were possible…
not for me anyway, and I’ve always dreamed big.
I’ll cut to the chase because I want this to be a quick message. My
super secret system to growing my business beyond my dreams….
Wait for it…
…Wait for it
Email Marketing. (what the hell? boring! spam?)
Yes, I’m deadly serious! Please, think about this for a minute.
I know it sounds very 90’s, dull and you may even be thinking about
spammy emails. But times have changed and e-marketing is a must
have tool for the modern successful business owner. 
You’re reading my email right now because of email marketing. You provided
your email address in exchange for access to one of my free guides or services.
Email marketing allows you to build a ongoing relation with people and this
ultimatleyhelps you to sell more of your products and services.
So my question is, isn’t it time you started email marketing too?
Your answershould of course and absolutley be, a big fat YES.
Email marketing is so simple but so powerful and it consists of two basic parts.
1) The Email Capture Form.
In exchange for your visitors email address you’ll provide them something they
want.It could be a guide, service, tips, discount coupon or anything you like.
2) The Autoresponder List. 
A special kind of software that manages all your email subscribers
and what messages they should receive and when.
With these two basic parts in place you’ll have a active subscriber list that
you cancontactat anytime, and it will grow to become your biggestonline
I highly recommend you start email marketing today by clicking the link below
this text and downloading my free guide.
or copy and paste the code below into your browsers address bar
The sooner you start building your list the faster it will grow and the more profit
producingpower it will have. This truely is a must have asset if you’re serious
about beingsuccessful online.
If you need any help or have any questions about e-marketing just reply to this
email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
Hope you have great day.
Best Regards


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    Thanks a lot Lee..Excellent Blog !

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  2. Naseem Kaloo says:

    Lee, will you help me in Email Marketing for my website

  3. Patrick P. Stafford says:

    Why are you impossible to contact and you don’t have an email address that works? Is Lee an actual person?

  4. Tom says:

    Good article thank you Lee, like this website.

  5. Pierre says:

    Thank you Lee,
    I really appreciate your blogs and advice, very professional and engaging.

    Best wishes Pierre
    Vacation Rentals in France…

  6. Women Tailor says:

    I Lee, Thanks for the information. I went to the email listing link and subscribed. I want to know who effective is email marketing. most of the email though email marketing goes to spam. how to find right target. do we have such option to select city and demographic information? Thanks for your time Lee.

  7. Thanks Lee, will check this out.

  8. thanks lee that was very helpful and informative.i look forward to more blogs from you I have a new website just a few months old and am looking for ways to improve it.your article or should I say blog was very helpful.please let me know when you do more Debbie Al-Harbi I left my email address but just in case it is I am also trying to learn how to do alt tags or alt attributes for my images so they will be searched by the search engines.could you suggest for example for one image i would say modest-barbie-clothes-and-Barbie-gown.jpg what would be the alt tag or alt attribute for that to rename a image.thanks for your help or anyone else that can reply to my email address to show me the correct way to rename images.thanks,Debbie

  9. Atm Kibria says:

    Thanks Lee, I will Deff. try this?

  10. Lee. This blogging is excellent.Hatsoff.


  11. Leon Cannon says:

    Thanks Lee for the information on email marketing I have been doing it lately but not much success yet. I,ll just keep on plugging away.

  12. Jenny banjo says:

    Thanks Lee . Ive downloaded the marketing guide and going to peruse it now ( Ive got some peace and quiet as the wife is out the house :) Ive also visited some sponsors ;)

  13. bob feens says:

    Cheers Lee

    deffo will have a look into this


  14. stu walker says:

    Thanks Lee , will have to look into this .


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