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Paid Ads Free Review

October 4th, 2011


A new information & software product has just be launched and its called Paid Ads Free.

Paid Ads Free has been created by Philip Mansour & Andrew X and went live on 3rd Oct 2011 @ 3pm Est (at least that was the plan, it went live a hour or so later)

Philip & Andrew have been behind many successful product launches both as affiliates and as product creators, Paid Ads Free looks set to be the next very successful launch even though they had some initial problems with the site at the scheduled opening time ( I guess due to the high demand and load on their server).

A little about the product: Paid Ads Free contains detailed training and software that helps you start up your own advertising network. Sounds interesting, huh?

You can use Paid Ads Free to help website owners sell ads space on their websites and you’ll get a cut (revshare) on the revenues earned on from each site and I know this sounds a little complicated but the provided training takes you through the whole process from start to finish.

I really like this fresh approach to free traffic generation, its a nice change over the conventional methods.

You can learn more about Paid Ads Free by clicking this link

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Download the Wizard’s free traffic blueprint.

March 8th, 2011


How’s the website doing? Let me know.

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