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Search Engine Submission Tips – Ways to Be More Successful With Your Directory Submission Efforts

January 15th, 2010

Search Engine Submission Tips – Ways to Be More Successful With Your Directory Submission Efforts

By Winson Yeung

Many people who have a great idea for a product or service want to develop and market a website that will quickly reach the top of the directory rankings and start looking for search engine submission tips. In some cases, the website has been designed and is ready to launch when submission becomes an issue. So, it is important to take some time to make sure that the website is ready to launch and that the proper steps are taken to increase visibility with a target audience.

You will want to make sure that your site is very clear about your product or service. Making a list of your key services and your target audience will help in finding the direction that will need to be taken in your marketing efforts. When a website is well designed and the title of each page contains at least one key word that is relevant to the site, it will be must easier to market and submit successfully.

Structuring the website around the key words and phrases that are relevant to the product or service will be helpful. It is important to remember however that key words do change. This especially true with social bookmarking networks. Making key words work for the site instead of making the site work for the key words will create a more natural site that can sustain and grow a market.

Including a site map and making the website easy to navigate will increase the likelihood that the website have a successful submission. When the spiders scan a website, they do not scan each page of the website unless it is submitted to the director. However, if there is a site map on the page that is submitted the pages that are attached to it will be linked to the ranking by the indexed page.

If a person wants to get their website ranked immediately there are search engine directories that will provide a ranking for a fee. Sites such as Yahoo and LookSmart both offer these options. When deciding if this is a viable option, it is important to think about how budget is going to be spent on increasing traffic and growing the website. The cost to market a website should not exceed the value that the customers will bring it.

Submitting a website and creating ranking organically takes time and effort. There are many websites that offer services for submitting websites automatically. Some people think that pages submitted automatically are rejected by some sites. Other people think that automatic submissions are as effective as manual submissions. Ultimately, it will be up to the website owner to use the strategy that works best for them.

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Gain Traffic With Search Engine Submission

January 15th, 2010

Gain Traffic With Search Engine Submission

By Julian Hooks

How To Build Internet Traffic

Many people mistakenly assume that getting internet traffic is like the baseball diamond in Field of Dreams– “If you build it, they will come”. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

The most effective way to get internet traffic to your web site is by advertising. After all, how can visitors know where to go unless you tell them? Fortunately, there is plenty of effective advertising you can do for your site that won’t cost you a dime. Submit your site to as many search engines as you can. While the most popular website to submit to is Google, there are many other search engines that are free to use and free to submit to. A small list:

  • Alexa
  • AltaVista
  • AllTheWeb
  • AOL
  • Ask
  • DMOZ
  • ExactSeek
  • GigaBlast
  • LookSmart
  • SearchIt
  • WebCrawler
  • What-U-Seek
  • Yahoo

Once you’ve registered with the above search engines, to build internet traffic, you need to make sure that your site ranks highly when someone searches for it. Many search engines will rank your site higher according to “page rank”. To gain page rank, you need to have outbound links to other websites on your site, as well as other sites linking to you. Link exchanging is a good way to build increase internet traffic, but it is important that you choose high quality partner sites to link to.

The easiest way to begin link exchanges is to searches the keywords that you wish to use to attract visitors to your site, and then take the first dozen sites that come up in each search. Then mail the web master to request a reciprocal link exchange. Having your website listed on other sites that rank high in a search increases page rank, and the more quality links you have along with sites linking back to you, the higher you rank in searches and page rank. Search engines will rank you higher if you have a link to your site listed on other sites as an additional resource for their visitors. People who see you listed as a resource on other quality sites will most likely check you out, and increase your Internet traffic.

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Search Engine Submission Step-By-Step

January 15th, 2010

Search Engine Submission Step-By-Step

By Brady P Frazier

In this section I will talk about search engine submission. This is the first step in creating free traffic. Once you have your website created and ready to go and have done all your seo or search engine optimization you are now ready to submit your website to the search engines.

Now there are companies out there that offer to do this service for you. The only reason you would need to hire one of these companies is if you update or change your site on a regular basis.

However this service can be expensive. The top search engine that you are going to want to submit your site to is Google of course.

Here are the steps to do that.

1. Set up a Google account if you don’t already have one.

2. Go to the webmaster tools section on the my account page.

3. There will be an option to submit you URL.

4. Submit your URL

5. Next it will ask you how you want to verify your site.

6. Choose the upload HTML option.

7. It will give you a HTML code to upload on your site.

8. Go back to the webmaster tools and hit the verify button.

9. It will tell you if it worked or not if it didn’t check for errors in the code and try again.

Now after you have done these steps you will need to submit your site map to help Google stay notified of all changes to your site.

For more information on this subject visit

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How to create a XML Sitemap

January 12th, 2010

Many search engine require some form of sitemap to ensure all of your pages are indexed properly.

Here’s how you create a sitemap, specifically the xml type

1) Goto Free XML Sitemap Generator

2) Fill in the form and click the start button

3) Wait a little while, until it completes

4) You can now download the sitemap in many file formats, you want XML (NOT the compressed type)

5) Save the file to your computer

6) Transfer the file to location of your website and upload

7) You should now be able to access the file using via your domain name.

Something like

This is the link you should use when submiting your website to the search engines.

How to submit your site to Ask

January 12th, 2010

Here’s a short guide on how to submit your website to the Ask search engine, although it’s not as popular as google or yahoo is does have a considerable user base and so you should submit your website or miss out on this extra traffic.

1) The first thing you need to do is create an xml sitemap for you website, instructions can be found here.

2) Enter the submission code below into your web browser, changing to match your domain name details and sitemap location.

Once completed you should see something like this:

Ask Submission Confirmed

Ask Submission Confirmed

If you would like to submit to a whole bunch of search engines at once try the service.