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Free SEO Traffic Training

April 18th, 2012

(Download this one hour audio recording of Search Engine Traffic
training & why you’ll want to circle Friday 6am on your calender)


It’s Lee Price here from WhamSoft HQ the parent company behind your favorite websites
and many others.

To celebrate this Friday’s launch of Super SEO Traffic I’ve put together some great free
training so you can sample just how simple it is to drive hoards of traffic to any site you

Super SEO Traffic is a Monster video training course that teaches you everything you need
to know about Search Engine traffic. I’ve been using these same tactics to dominate the
Google rankings for years and now it’s your turn.

This cutting-edge traffic generation training program allows you to…

Get a leg up on your competition, so your customers can’t help but find you in
organic search engine listings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Zero in on your target market . . . and magnetically attract ready-to-buy customers
to your offers, and get new customers into your sales funnel.

Slash your advertising budgets as you see more targeted traffic online.

Drive your sales numbers through the roof. . . so you can finally enjoy all of the
freedom you’ve desired for so long.

Plus much more . . .

Be sure to circle your calender for Friday 20th 6am EST and get a closer look at Super SEO Traffic.

Download your free traffic training & receive a one hour advanced early bird notice
for Fridays launch when you register your interest using the link below.

Download The Free Traffic Training Here

Hope you have a great day.

Best Regards

P.S Look out for tomorrow’s email
which includes a special traffic
report for you.

Get Thousands Of Visitors To Your Site By Leveraging A Little Known Tactic With Images

July 13th, 2011

Host: Brad Gosse

When: 07/13/2011 8:00 PM EDT


Free and targeted traffic is the holy grail of Internet marketing. The problem is most people that tell you how to get it tell you the HARD WAY!

Brad Gosse is a master at getting free traffic and on this free training session he is going to show you how he does it.

Brad doesn’t spend his days writing hundreds of articles to attract traffic. He doesn’t buy PPC ads. He doesn’t even SEO out his pages.

Click to watch this video

Brad gets more traffic with a single photograph than most full time article writers get all day!

Let him show you how by registering for this free training session.

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Ex Google Employee Shows You How To Go From $0 – $40,000 A Month In Under A Year!

July 7th, 2011

Host: Brittany lynch
Time: 07/07/2011 8:00 PM EDT


Join former Google employee Brittany Lynch on this exciting free training session! Brittany is going to show you exactly how she went from $0 to OVER $40,000 a month in under a year and exactly how you can too. It’s not often you get a former Google employee to tell you anything, let alone be willing to share their tactics on how they make the big money. I guess working for the Big G has it’s advantages!

Brittany is going to show you exactly what it takes to become a massive success online. This webinar will contain solid content and although it’s premature we KNOW this will be the best webinar you will ever attend online. This is not a joke.

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Brittany is giving away the exact fortune formula…information that has served as the cornerstone for every commercial success since the dawn of commerce. Let’s put it this way, you WILL learn something you can start implementing immediately!

See you on the webinar!

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How to Easily Create Your Own Products from PLR

July 7th, 2011

Host: Mike Cowles

Description: You will be learning the exact same tips and tricks that Mike Cowles uses everyday to make a killing from PLR (private label rights) material. Join us as Mike walks us through step by step. Take a notepad, because you will want to write this stuff down!

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Bank Busting Time Machine for IMers

July 7th, 2011

Host: Jeremy Kelsall

Description: Monday June 27th Jeremy and Don are going to show everyone a completely new and out of the box method that will allow you to beat Google at their own game!

Remember the days when you could rank a squeeze page on the front page of Google for a high traffic keyword? How nice would it be to be able to go back to those days? Before the Panda update, before the duplicate content bomb and before Google just got greedy with how they rank their content! Well this Monday, you’re going to find out EXACTLY how to do it!

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Once you see this training, the way you can dominate Google is only limited by your imagination!

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