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Share Your Traffic Tips & Get More Traffic

August 18th, 2010


I’ve been very busy working on some other projects and this means I can’t update the blog as often as I would like.


You can help me, by sharing the methods you use to drive traffic to your website.

I will share your post with members of free-web-submission and this will provide you will much deserved credit and also and nice bit of traffic to your website.

Here’s what you need to do.

1) Register a new an account on this blog – Link here
You are now a contributor which means you can write articles for this blog

2) Log in

3) Create a new post about a traffic method you use for your website, your welcome to include pictures, videos and links to the resource that provides traffic but please try to focus on the quality and length of the text in your article.

4) Select the categorie/s that best describe the method and also add tags.

5) Add a little about you or your business at the bottom with a link to your website.

6) Press the submit for review button.

Notes & Rules:
Articles should be unique and be at least 200 words in length.
Please don’t include any scripts into the html of the article.
Each article will be reviewed before it gets published to the blog and I reserve the right to reject any post.