Video: How to Blog Comment for Free Traffic

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By now you’ve probably heard that blog commenting can be a great source of free traffic, both directly and as a increase in your search engine rankings.

The video below explains pretty much everything you need to know about Blog Commenting.

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  1. Avsmuradali says:

    here are very beautiful and informative videos that are posted for viewers. I
    too enjoyed and learned from these videos.

  2. Pheba Lucy says:


    Your Blog Comment tutorial help me lot in getting traffic by blog commenting

  3. Soo reneccs says:

    PUTTING it into
    PRACTICE of blog commenting unrelated to your niche,
    POSSIBLY some traffic flowing into my blog,
    POSITIVELY hoping so!

  4. Epic says:

    Thanks For Sharing this Valuable Information.. I Should follow your valuable tips.
    I hope this will definitely Work..
    Thanking You Very Much.. :-)

  5. fxfrog says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great video.

    “Sharing is Caring” :PP

  6. Nic video…keep it up & thanks for sharing

  7. Stripe says:

    A really useful video with good suggestiions I’m going to follow up

  8. Being on this biz for a while now but yet to make any buck. pls help

  9. Aris Llanto says:

    Thank you for sharing great information about blog commenting. This is very helpful for us to get traffic by using your tips. The best way to earn hits from blog commenting are niche relevancy and avoiding being a spammer!

  10. This is truly a great video. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am just hoping that Tweet Deck and Comment Luv are all free softwares.
    In the past I have this experience commenting on my related niche blog, which is , they get deleted by admin. But today, I have learned this wonderful trick from you which is to comment as well in the unrelated or wider related blogs. That’s a real great idea.

  12. samz says:

    Thank you for sharing the instructions to get a better traffic again

  13. Nse says:

    The videos have been made with a very cool, calm and composed voice which teaches the view point in a very simple point. Worth going for red points even if it is paid !

  14. Hai says:

    Thanks for sharing the clip with us

  15. Sofia says:

    Your video is really an inspiration and it has taught me how to blog commenting. I can’t wait to start on this and I am going to dedicate a couple of hours a night to implement this strategy. Thanks a million.

  16. Thanks for the heads up on blog commenting, the video pointed out a couple of areas where I’m going wrong

    Thanks again

  17. Anny Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I really got a lot to learn from it… specially the twitter tip… One big problem I face is finding targeted blogs, I would use twitter search for it… and also the google reader technique which u shared… can’t thank you enough for the help :)

  18. KRAKATAU says:

    Hi.. there thx for share the video it’s very helpull me :)

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