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I have a self catering guest house in Cape Town, South Africa; because of the popularity of our city in the international market for tourism there is intense competition in the accommodation business, and it is necessary to be both innovative and diligent in order to be able to succeed.
Most who will contribute to this blog know the basics of SEO , but a tip that I would like to share if you are competing in a market with intense competition for a particular key word,  or longtail key phrase,  is to try and find a particular niche word that is related to the key phrase and which will distinguish your business or blog from the competitors.

How many variations can really be made of ” holiday accomodation”  or “Cape Town holiday accommodation”  after all? At the onset of the recession we focused on the keyword “budget” and have made sure to optimize the on page content as well as the metatags for this keyword and we have included it in the key phrases. Google will often interpret this keyword for the surfer who uses similar search words such as “cheap” etc, thus gaining a further set of possibilities for hits.
In short’  find that niche keyword that will enable you to distinguish yourself from the competition where there is a great deal of competition for your key phrase.

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