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When it comes to making websites more relevant, it’s imperative to get into the search engines. The average webmaster might not know how to seriously get your site in the face of consumers, and in case you run into someone like that or you are going the DIY route, you will want to learn how to submit to Bing and others. There are several methods that you can follow, but most importantly, it’s crucial to make sure that your website is first ready for presentation. If you feel that your website is ready for its grand premier, than you will be able to submit and get accepted within a few short hours, and in some instances immediately.

The first method is simple, you need to go to Bing and then look for the area that you can submit your website to. You can even search with the keywords you’re looking for and then proceed from there. The site allows submissions, but it’s hard to figure out what kind of algorithm they are using to list their websites in relevancy and beyond. This method is the direct option, but with so many websites being pushed into the internet’s search results, you might find that it will take some time to get listed.

The second thing that you can do is find a submission service that works with a variety of different companies to push your website through to the listing. These companies ping and submit your url to all the major websites out there and make sure that you’re listed. This service is usually a one-time deal, and does not require multiple shots.

The one thing that you need to remember is that most of the search engines will come to you. Unfortunately, many people don’t believe that, but Bing and others are fast with listings, if you have your website up to date with the right code. If you’re coding in xhtml or html 5, you are most likely going to get listed swiftly after you launch. The only reason why you want to add submissions is because you are not getting the attention of the search engines.

There are several reasons why you might not be getting listed, and one of them could be you’re not putting together easy to read code in the backend. In order for the engines to pick up on any given website, it is imperative that the code is done properly, and is not full of errors or runaway objects. If you or someone you know is coding the website and it doesn’t follow the proper protocol, you will see diminished listings or omissions altogether.

When in doubt, submit directly to Bing and wait for them to respond. The best approach is the direct one, and when that fails, go for a submissions service that will help you. If that fails as well, then you will need to look at your code and make sure that you’re currently in line with the standards of the most recent coding updates. Without proper code structure, you can’t expect to get into any search engine, unless it’s a fluke.


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