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I have prepared a website in urdu language. Most of my viewers are from South Asia region countries like Pakistan,India Afghanistan and people living in Europe and America who can understand urdu language.

To promote my site first i have done the submission of my site to various search engines.Then i have multiple accounts on facebook Twitter,zorpia and orkut.starting with my first name , last name,middle name and so on .i have hundred of friends in each,i introduce my website on these account.than i add the groups which have similar subjects as my website like poetry,palmistry astrology and many more because i have my website having content on various subjects and fields like sport ,music,articles,fashion i add various groups and pages to my website.more over i receive e-mail’s which have forwarded by many people i collect their email and have made a database of email.i email on these addresses and introduce them about my website by telling them how much it is useful for them,and how much knowledge it is providing.I have added key words in my website according to important topics and by keeping in mind how people use to write to search about the topic of their interest in search engines.i also intended to do banner exchange with sites having the contents on same topics as my website.


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  1. Dr.Abdul Hamid Pathan
    27 August,2010 at 10 minutes to twelve.
    your program is excellent.

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