Video: Website Design Tips For Better Search Engine Results

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Today I finally got around to creating a video showing some of things I use to help increase my results within the search engines.

By increasing your sites visibility within the search enginesĀ  means more visitors will be coming to your website.

Please note this is my first video and it’s a little rough around the edges, I also have a bit of a cold.

Topics covered in this video are

Page Titles

Page Descriptions


Anchor Text

Heading Tags

Page File names

Image File names & Alt Tags

These are all basic areas you should be paying attention to, I describe why each area is important and how to best use itĀ  for top results.

View the 3 separate videos below or watch the better quality single video version here (running time 20 mins)

You can download a basic html file here, which includes the html & meta tags for page title, description & keywords

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Please leave your comments below.

I’ll try to create some more and better videos when I get some feedback from you guys.





  1. Very good knew most of it, wish this had come to me 5 years ago when i 1st set up, I use a template website builder but can do all the stuff LEE has described and my website been No1 on google for driving lessons in sunderland ever since, if its got driving and sunderland amongst what ever other words you want to put to find driving schools/lessons/tuition/instructor then im usually number 1, i have set up a new one now as i have changed careers this is the site im now trying to get number 1 for gas engineers/fitters/boiler repairs/boiler servicing. thanks for the info LEE, to the people just follow what LEE has shown and you will perform better with out question. it took me 6 months to find out all the info that i have just seen in 3 quick videos.

  2. Mudassar says:

    very nyc tips its very useful for every one who working on SEO . Its very great video Tips of SEO

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this information..!!

  4. Ian Roberts says:

    Thanks again Lee, useful info as usual. Do the amount of pages on a site have an effect on it’s PR with google?


  5. Great and informative article
    i’ve marked your page and waiting for new seo articles tips
    thank you for sharing

  6. Susan says:

    Very useful for me as new user as me to learn the knowledge of SEO. thanks a lot.

  7. George says:

    the website i designed was in the 10th page of google.. but after i read this i had done many changes.. now i got a better position in google.. For the Keyword “kerala houseboat” my website ( now in the 2nd position.. thanks..

    search keyword : kerala houseboat
    website :

  8. Allways good to learn and remind the good important seo basics
    thank you for sharring

  9. Abhishek says:

    Great one…I liked the video. I have implemented some tricks in my site too. Still need to work hard!
    Basically, working on a free domain is something difficult due to restrictions, still the site is not doing bad as I thought!

    Thanks to you again.

  10. Great tips, it was very helpful, thank you for this video.

  11. Murtaza says:

    Thanks a lot! very helpful video as it was explained in simple terms. This video is help me to re-arranging my site. visit my website.
    Thanks for all Advice

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