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Personal message from the Admin

April 3rd, 2013
Lee here, I hope you’re well?
I just sending you a quick message about a tool that will improve your
website traffic and earnings.
Over these past few years or so I’ve been using a super simple system that
has grown my online business to levels I’d never thought were possible…
not for me anyway, and I’ve always dreamed big.
I’ll cut to the chase because I want this to be a quick message. My
super secret system to growing my business beyond my dreams….
Wait for it…
…Wait for it
Email Marketing. (what the hell? boring! spam?)
Yes, I’m deadly serious! Please, think about this for a minute.
I know it sounds very 90’s, dull and you may even be thinking about
spammy emails. But times have changed and e-marketing is a must
have tool for the modern successful business owner. 
You’re reading my email right now because of email marketing. You provided
your email address in exchange for access to one of my free guides or services.
Email marketing allows you to build a ongoing relation with people and this
ultimatleyhelps you to sell more of your products and services.
So my question is, isn’t it time you started email marketing too?
Your answershould of course and absolutley be, a big fat YES.
Email marketing is so simple but so powerful and it consists of two basic parts.
1) The Email Capture Form.
In exchange for your visitors email address you’ll provide them something they
want.It could be a guide, service, tips, discount coupon or anything you like.
2) The Autoresponder List. 
A special kind of software that manages all your email subscribers
and what messages they should receive and when.
With these two basic parts in place you’ll have a active subscriber list that
you cancontactat anytime, and it will grow to become your biggestonline
I highly recommend you start email marketing today by clicking the link below
this text and downloading my free guide.
or copy and paste the code below into your browsers address bar
The sooner you start building your list the faster it will grow and the more profit
producingpower it will have. This truely is a must have asset if you’re serious
about beingsuccessful online.
If you need any help or have any questions about e-marketing just reply to this
email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
Hope you have great day.
Best Regards

Little Fish Blueprint Free DVD

May 17th, 2012

In the Little Fish Blueprint DVD, you’ll get to follow the story of Matt Bush, long time friend of Mike Filsaime, as he shares what he’s done to take on small business clients and help them to increase their leads and sales by ranking higher on Google, improving their websites appeal and tapping into the power of social media.

In this DVD you’ll discover how leading entrepreneurs are helping local small business owners to increase their sales by tapping into the tremendous power of Internet Marketing. While others may be focused on going after the “big fish” (or big businesses out there), the often overlooked aspect is the opportunity found in the many “little fish” (or small, local businesses) which can add up a good sized client base.

Matt has discovered a systematic approach to finding small business clients and being able to service their Internet Marketing needs even if they are several states away from him. Along his journey Matt has been able to disprove many of the myths surrounding local marketing and those are revealed in this DVD as well.

This powerful DVD explains Matt’s amazing journey to Entrepreneurial success using his unique and time-tested approach to finding, closing and providing lasting value to small business clients across the United States.

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Super SEO Traffic is Live!

April 22nd, 2012


It’s Lee here from WhamSoft HQ, and I’m super pumped about this mornings launch of
Super SEO Traffic. This is my biggest launch ever and I’ve put a huge amount of
effort into it, I’ve really tried hard to provide you with the best value ever.

As you’re not on the early bird list you’ve lost a hour one advance on my other
subscribers and this means that if you don’t act very quickly you’ll miss out on
all Epic Fast Actions bonuses I made especially for you.

But first, lets get back to Super SEO Traffic. This is without a doubt the most
comprehensive traffic package I’ve ever put together, I doubt you’ll need any extra
training on SEO…ever again.

Click the link below and be the first to check out Super SEO Traffic and the exclusive
fast action bonuses. You won’t believe the extra’s I’ve included with this.

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Hope you have a great day.

Kind Regards

P.S Don’t leave this offer until
later, those fast action bonuses
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go take a look right now and
you can thank me later.

Amazon Minisite MegaProfits – Your access to a real business model

December 9th, 2011


Whether you’re an experienced marketer or totally new to internet
marketing, it’s hard to get started on any single business model
without solid, actionable steps, right? More often than not, when a
ton of info is thrown at you, information overload takes over and
paralyzes you!

I have a friend – Lisa Gergets – who is an internet marketing
coach, and one of her main business models is building and selling
Amazon minisites, and teaching others to do the same. So you may be
asking, “Why Amazon minisites?” Well here are just a few of the
reasons this particular business model is so profitable:

*Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world – they
literally have everything!

*Creating these minisites is quick and easy and you don’t need
any technical knowledge at all!

*You don’t need to promote the sites – simply build them, and
sell them. This is great if, like Lisa, you’re not crazy about the
site promotion game.

Lisa has created Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits – an 18-video series
outlining every single step of the system that she, herself, takes
to research, create, and then sell these sites! And she sells
between 5 and 10 of these every week. Imagine what this could do for
your bottom line!

Check out Lisa’s training videos using the link below
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Now, Lisa normally sells this course for $97, but she’s agreed to
lower the price to just $9.95 – but only for a limited time. AND,
if you buy the Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits video course, you’ll be
entered into a prize draw for free personal coaching from Lisa! A
few lucky winners will receive her full coaching for 30 days – and
that includes contact via email, Skype and a three-times-a-week
group Skype chat with her and her students!

Listen, if you could convince a site-flipping expert to give you
hours of their time for less than ten bucks, wouldn’t you owe it to
yourself to do that? Get in on Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits now
before it goes back up to $97!

Get Lisa’s training videos using the link below
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Wish you nothing but success,


Endless Traffic Tap Review & Bonus

November 11th, 2011


My Full review and bonus for Endless Traffic Tap by Russ Ruffino will be placed here shortly, in the meantime take a look at some videos that explain a little more about it.

The second set of videos (below) show a webinar type interview between David Carreno & Russ Ruffino talking about Russ’s start in the internet marketing world and the release of his latest info product Endless Traffic Tap.

First Video: Endless Traffic Tap [The IM Movie]

Get your copy of Endless Traffic Tap by clicking here

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