Here you’ll find a huge collection of resources which can be used to help create your successful online business.

I have personally used 99% of the resources in this list and I recommend them because, I believe they will help make the difference between a great site and dud site.

Domain Names
I use two primary company’s to buy my domain names. Godaddy is the main one I
recommend as they offer great introductory prices, cheap renewals and I’ve
found the support to be pretty good too.

Most of my sites are hosted with 1and1, these guys were my first hosting
provider and they have always offered a good service, my only gripe is admin
control panel is not cpanel and this can sometimes restrict certain
functions. I also have hosting accounts with GoDaddy and Hostgator, and these
both provide good fast hosting and support if needed.

Web Design & File Management
For all my websites I use Adobe Dreamweaver for the html editing and file
management. But also use the FTP program Filezilla for moving large numbers
of files because Dreamweavers built in ftp can sometimes work slowly with lots of
file moves. I use Adobe Fireworks for my graphics work, it’s best for creating
banners, making buttons and similar web type graphic work.

CMS Content Management
WordPress – Super simple to use and has a every expanding list of features
and plugins being made everyday. Great for beginners. OsCommerce – A complete
open source shopping cart system, not really for beginners but can be setup
for simple online stores. Best for more experienced designers looking for a
completely customizable shopping cart solution.

Product Sales & Shopping Carts
Paypal – Setting up a paypal account is must do thing if you want to trade
online, it’s one of the most common payment methods online. Use paypal for
making or receiving payments for your online goods & services.
Clickbank – A digital market place where product creators can easily sell
their products online. Clickbank also has a vast number of affiliates who can
help to promote and sell your products.
Sagepay – Helps process online credit / debit card transactions through your
merchant account.
Streamline – This is the merchant account you need if you want to process

credit and debit cards in-house. Otherwise credit and debit processing has to
be done by a 3rd party like Clickbank or Paypal. Merchant account give you
more control and often at a reduced transaction processing fee.

Website Tracking and Analysis Tools
Google Analytics – This is a must have tool and should be installed on your
site immediately. Provides a wealth of information above and beyond what you
hosting stats will show.
Google Webmaster Central – Reveals important infomation on how your site is
performing on the Google search engine. Also provide some website health
checks and backlinking information.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool (GAKWT) – Use this tool to find out how many
people type in your keywords into Google. Great for finding new phrases to
target and understanding your market.
Google Insights – Track keyword searches over time and spot hot trending
searches as they’re happening.
Alexa – Provides lots of traffic, ranking and statical details on just about
every single website. Complete with Alexa ranking system which shows the
popularity of a website compared with all other sites. Our rank is currently

More Resources coming soon!

Ideas & first thoughts



Website / CMS


Content creating articles & image outsourcing.

Monetizing your site

Product creation

Payment systems & affiliate networks.

Email follow up (maybe move up)

Tracking & conversions

Paid Traffic, SEO, Backlinking

Books & Mindset



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