Buying Up Digital Real Estate For Free

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I just wanted to let you know that you are missing out on the opportunity to claim large amounts of digital real estate for free. And if you don’t your competitors may claim your share.

What is Digital Real Estate?

To be honest I just made the term up and I’m not sure if people even use this phrase, digital real estate is anything online that has an address or location. One that you can lay claim to!  A really good example would be a domain name such as


With so many massive companies or small companies going massive overnight means lots of new real estate is now available for free, for example with facebook you have the option to create a fan/business page and once created this page becomes part of your digital real estate empire which you control and its important to note that the search engines index these pages and they can rank very HIGHLY.

You need to claim your piece of the pie for each and every single video site, social networking, social book marking, directories, blog directories,…Everywhere you can think of.

If you don’t have the time to do them all at least do these few,,

You need to stamp your name on all of these websites, the benefits are countless for example:-

Backlinks, google indexed pages, increased traffic, increased page rank…

but the only thing you need to consider is what if somebody claimed and then uploaded all sorts of un-mentionable videos with a link to your website, I’m sure you could file a lawsuit but the damage would of already been done.

Claim your Digital Real Estate Now!

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P.S I’ve just done a search on google to see if the term “Digital Real Estate” was being used, the search produced 173 Million results but I noticed in 8th Place of all those results.

Notice the Twitter real estate I’ve been taking about? You really do need to do this.

Digital Realestate (digitalrealest) on Twitter

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  1. Misty Mays says:

    i have a friend that sits at home all day and all he does is purchase domain names all day long. Im pretty sure he’s not missing out on anything! Lol.

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