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Traffic Alert!

October 14th, 2013
# Unlimited traffic for all your websites in one simple solution #
Is your website getting all the traffic it deserves?
Many websites barely receive more than a few hundred vistitors per month
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Traffic is a essential ingredient for the success of your website.
I thought about this traffic problem a lot a few years back and set out on a
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The end result was the Premium submission service. All the software, tools & guides
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Here’s a snippet of the tools you’ll find inside the members area.
Premium Submission Service
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Note: Some companies charge upto $100 for a similar service.
Kind Regards
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their is a good chance you will never be able
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ViberSpy Pro Overview Review & Demo

May 16th, 2013
Lee Price here, I hope you and your website are doing well.
Today I’ve got something a little bit special for you, its special because
it will help increase several aspects of your website and in particular your
websites conversions.
As any smart webmaster knows, two things are required for a website to
besuccessful. Traffic & Conversions.
A conversion is when a visitor to your website performs a desired action, it
couldbe a purchase, filling a form, visiting a specific page, clicking a link e.t.c
One simple way to increase the success of your website is to increase its
conversionsand a few months back I was allowed exclusive access to beta test
a new trackingsoftware that increases conversions dramatically.
This simple software allows you to record your visitors actions while on your site
andthis gives you a valuable insight into understanding your visitors and their
actions and thusprovide a better and higher converting website proposition.
My friend Ricky made a short video about the ViberSpy software and you can
watchit by clicking below or this direct link ==>
To see more detailed information on this powerful software please click the link
Hope you have a great & high converting day.
Best Regards
Lee Price

John Thornhill Banned by Google?

November 6th, 2012


A few years ago John Thornhill logged into his Google AdWords
account to find out he had been banned from running ads. What made
things worse was the mighty Google didn’t give any explanation.

One thing that was for sure is they didn’t want his business, and
the chances are that if you’re in the IM niche they don’t want your
business either. They can afford to be selective with their ad
program as they have huge corporations pumping billions of dollars
into their bank accounts, small guys like us who promote the
typical Internet Marketing related product aren’t needed. So Google
give us a hard time.

The truth is that if you rely on Google for your traffic you are
playing a dangerous game. They can close your AdWords account
without explanation. However, John doesn’t rely on Google for any
of his traffic and last year his websites received over 2 billion
hits. Yes, you read that correctly, OVER 2 BILLION HITS, and it
didn’t cost him one cent.

And the good news is John shares how he generated every single
click in his latest product, Simple Traffic Solutions. A step by
step traffic generation program that can help you get all the
traffic you need to your websites. So if you need to drive more
traffic to your websites (who doesn’t) then this is something you
need to check out.


To your success

Lee Price

P.S. We don’t need Google, as you will see when you check this out.


Submitting Sites to Dogpile and Getting Real Results

October 9th, 2012

Dogpile Halloween Design 2008

Without search engines the Internet would be a pile of rubble with chaos running everywhere. You would have to truly know exactly where you were going to get anywhere on the net. With search engines, however, you are able to find anything about the world around you and beyond with a simple search query. There are a great deal of different things you could do, but when the tables are turned and you have a website, things can be difficult. If you want to get listed, they don’t always make it easy, because they want only quality content listed. However, if you have a website and you want to get in, there are ways to do so. Whether you’re looking to learn how to submit to dogpile, or any other major engine, you can do a variety of things to get included in their listings.

The bad news at press time is that it’s not easy to get into dogpile on its own. The good news is that the site doesn’t really do its own listings; it uses the API of all other major search engines at the moment to deliver their results. That’s good because you don’t have to jump through another set of hoops to ensure that you’re getting into the web’s top search sites. You will however have to make sure you’re in with the other ones which will be a rough task unless you consider a little bit of help. » Read more: Submitting Sites to Dogpile and Getting Real Results

Submit Your Site To Bing and Win Big

October 7th, 2012

When it comes to making websites more relevant, it’s imperative to get into the search engines. The average webmaster might not know how to seriously get your site in the face of consumers, and in case you run into someone like that or you are going the DIY route, you will want to learn how to submit to Bing and others. There are several methods that you can follow, but most importantly, it’s crucial to make sure that your website is first ready for presentation. If you feel that your website is ready for its grand premier, than you will be able to submit and get accepted within a few short hours, and in some instances immediately.

The first method is simple, you need to go to Bing and then look for the area that you can submit your website to. You can even search with the keywords you’re looking for and then proceed from there. The site allows submissions, but it’s hard to figure out what kind of algorithm they are using to list their websites in relevancy and beyond. This method is the direct option, but with so many websites being pushed into the internet’s search results, you might find that it will take some time to get listed. » Read more: Submit Your Site To Bing and Win Big