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What Can You Do to Improve the Value of Your Website?

May 6th, 2011

There are a number of ways to improve the value of your website. For the purposes of this article, we will divide these into two sections. The first looks at ways you can improve the value of your website that require a minimal amount of effort. The second looks at ways we can improve the value of your website but require more effort.

So the first thing to examine is the content of your website. When was it last updated, is there a good spread of information and articles that encourage repeat visits, is all the information still relevant and up to date? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you have identified your initial starting point for improving the value of your website.

While adding content is not going to rapidly increase the value of your website it will increase your page rankings on search engines and encourage more traffic onto your site. This brings us onto our second point SEO or key word density.

In order to gain higher search page rankings, thereby improving traffic flow to your site, you can re-write some of your content to improve key word density. This simply involves identifying the key terms that people searching for a particular site will employ. So the highest ranking searches for whiskey are whiskey, Scotch whiskey and Scottish whiskey.

If your content does not make repeated use of these terms then you are unlikely to score highly in the search rankings and are unlikely to generate income or traffic. This can be quickly rectified by re-writing your content yourself, or if you are strapped for time paying someone else to do it on one of the many content creation forums scattered across the web.

The final quick way to increase the value of website is to promote it using social network plug-ins or widgets. These are available from Twitter and Facebook to name just two and allow people to share your site on their homepages, hopefully again generating further traffic to your site. Also starting and promoting a fan page to increase your sites web presence will increase your traffic and potential income.

Turning to the more time intensive ways of increasing your sites value we have to look at revenue generation. To start simply analyze the commercial viability of your site. What is your current revenue and what are the key ways you could increase this? If your site generates its revenue through affiliate marketing do the products offered fit the content of the website? Are the products still up to date? If the site is offering a service is the service still competitive and what other areas could the site easily branch into?

Identifying these features will allow you to build a long term business plan based around the above steps, thereby increasing the value of your site.

Article Source: Website Value Calculator

Traffic tips – using Twitter

August 18th, 2010

I am self-employed but do not have a large number of clients. I like to show those clients, and potential clients, that I am serious about horizon-scanning in their interests. There are benefits to me, and my customers, and I call it part of my personal learning network (PLN).

I have gradually built up a twitter following by building connections with people in my areas of interest. It’s not about numbers but about recognition of value. (I keep a separate account for following organisations which only transmit and never engage.) As with any decent relationship, on twitter it is necessary to be two-way, to give and to take. This means paying dues to questions people ask and responding to ‘what has their attention’. Keeping it conversational sustains interest over time and reveals clues as to what you are about and confirms that others share some common aspects of what you do.

I have written a blogpost, called my manifesto for my blog and another called What I have learned from Twitter, about the groups or audiences I choose to follow. The blog has a mixture of posts intended to interest these people.  However, the website is more formal and static in presenting aspects of what I do. When they really need to know, that’s where they turn.

Yes, I am interested in learning. Showing that I share my learning is a good way to generate traffic.

Angus Willson

Car Valeting Based in Leeds

July 1st, 2010

JT Professional Auto Valeting is based in Leeds and has provided a high quality mobile valeting service for many years and many happy customers keeping on coming back to us time and time again.

Our team of valet experts provide that new car show room finish that every car owners desires, JT auto takes all of the hard work out of cleaning your car and keeping it clean by providing a affordable range of services to meet all budgets and requirements.

Because of our location just off of the main Leeds motorway routes we can quickly come out to most areas and treat your car to a quality valet like never before.

See what’s included in our executive valet service

* Vehicle exterior wash & wax Shampoo
* Wheels Cleaned
* leathered off
* Interior vacuumed include all pockets & ashtrays
* Door Shuts cleaned
* Interior Plastics Cleaned
* Windows polished
* Dashboard etc, vinyl’s wiped
* Air Fresher added
* Tyres dressed
* Floor Mats added

JT professional auto valeting of Leeds provides a mobile service and we can come directly to your home workplace or other designated place to suit your needs.

You may be asking yourself why should I get my car valeted by a professional?

The simple answer is that your car will look good, and for most people this will make you feel good. It’s a little bit like getting dressed up for a big night out. Looking good makes you feel good. But valeting also has many other benefits such as extending the life of your paint work, maintaining the value of your car.

This section answers some of the popular questions we get asked.

What are the benefits having my vehicle valeted? The main benefit in having your vehicle regularly valeted is to help maintain it’s value. If your selling your vehicle and it has not been cleaned for sometime, having it valeted will increase it’s value.

Are you mobile? Yes we are fully mobile, we come to you which is much more convenient as you don’t have to do any travelling. Your vehicle will not be taken away and you can keep your keys safe.

What about the weather? Unfortunately if it’s very wet we will have to re-book you unless of course you can provide a large garage or shelter.

What if I don’t have an outdoor tap? If you do not have an outdoor tap we can supply our own water.

Do you offer waterless valeting? Yes but this is not very good on very dirty cars.

What about electric? We would recommend electric for our machines, but we have a generator.

What payment do you accept? We accept cheques and cash or PayPal on the day.

So, if your looking a car valet in Leeds – check out JT Professional Auto Valeting

Cashmere Scarves for women and men on sale year round at Yours Elegantly

July 1st, 2010

A Cashmere Scarf is a must have for Women and men especially in Fall, Winter and Spring. Men and women love cashmere scarves in solid and plaid from as they are designer, soft and affordable. We all love online cashmere stores that give us special sale pricing a gift and great service.

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MAJESTIC LONDON Executive Tantric Massage – The New and Higher Level of Corporate Relaxation

July 1st, 2010

With no on-site video gimmick, sensational claims of being “No. 1” these certified/fully trained stunningly beautiful young naturist masseuses have been practising what they preach with warmth, charm and skill – wearing nothing but gorgeous smiles, heavenly bodies and charming confidence.

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