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300+ websites want you.

October 15th, 2013

Lee here from Free-Web-Submission. I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently updated the premium submission members area with some great new traffic tools.
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List your website on 300+ others in a few clicks

September 30th, 2010


I short while ago I wrote to you telling you about the premium search engine
submission service and Wow! what a response we’ve had, people are loving it.

Originally we planned only to offer a search engine submission service but now we’ve
added a social & web 2.0 submission service and this means you can put your
website and it’s content all over the net in just a few clicks and without using any spammy
methods » Read more: List your website on 300+ others in a few clicks

Tricks For Fast Traffic On Site

August 19th, 2010

I have prepared a website in urdu language. Most of my viewers are from South Asia region countries like Pakistan,India Afghanistan and people living in Europe and America who can understand urdu language.
To promote my site first i have done the submission of my site to various search engines.Then i have multiple accounts on facebook Twitter,zorpia and orkut.starting with my first name , last name,middle name and so on .i have hundred of friends in each,i introduce my website on these account.than i add the groups which have similar subjects as my website like poetry,palmistry astrology and many more because i have my website having content on various subjects and fields like sport ,music,articles,fashion i add various groups and pages to my website.more over i receive e-mail’s which have forwarded by many people i collect their email and have made a database of email.i email on these addresses and introduce them about my website by telling them how much it is useful for them,and how much knowledge it is providing.I have added key words in my website according to important topics and by keeping in mind how people use to write to search about the topic of their interest in search engines.i also intended to do banner exchange with sites having the contents on same topics as my website.

Traffic tips – using Twitter

August 18th, 2010

I am self-employed but do not have a large number of clients. I like to show those clients, and potential clients, that I am serious about horizon-scanning in their interests. There are benefits to me, and my customers, and I call it part of my personal learning network (PLN).

I have gradually built up a twitter following by building connections with people in my areas of interest. It’s not about numbers but about recognition of value. (I keep a separate account for following organisations which only transmit and never engage.) As with any decent relationship, on twitter it is necessary to be two-way, to give and to take. This means paying dues to questions people ask and responding to ‘what has their attention’. Keeping it conversational sustains interest over time and reveals clues as to what you are about and confirms that others share some common aspects of what you do.

I have written a blogpost, called my manifesto for my blog and another called What I have learned from Twitter, about the groups or audiences I choose to follow. The blog has a mixture of posts intended to interest these people.  However, the website is more formal and static in presenting aspects of what I do. When they really need to know, that’s where they turn.

Yes, I am interested in learning. Showing that I share my learning is a good way to generate traffic.

Angus Willson

Using StumbleUpon for Free Website Traffic

April 16th, 2010

The results are in…

I recently did a poll to find out what most of my readers wanted to know, I gave them the option to vote on what they thought I should write about.

The winner of  the poll was Website Traffic (Free) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a close second place.

Poll Results

So, this post is going be about how to generate free website traffic using StumbleUpon, but before I get into that.

Here are some useful links & related posts. I recommend you read them all if you have not done so already.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 5 simple tips

Using Yahoo Answers for free traffic

Using GoDaddy for free traffic

Okay, a little back ground on StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is defined as a social bookmarking website, this means is that when you bookmark (add to your favorites) a website it is shared with other stumbleupon users and they also have the option to bookmark the site and give it a thumbs up (a voting system, a bit like digg) with an optional review.

Our objective is to get as many stumbleupon users to see, bookmark and thumbs up your websites content.

I’ve been using this method for about two years now and it always provides some traffic, and occasionally a shed load of traffic. It all depends on what kind of content you have on your website.

Because the site is a social site of sorts the stumble upon users are mostly casual suffers looking for cool, funny & interesting things. If your website offer these types of things it will do very very well from the stumbleupon userbase, but don’t worry if your site is not cool or funny or even interesting.

You will still get visitors from StumbleUpon no matter what your website is about.

On with the method.

1) You need to create an account at

StumbleUpon Login

2) Login into your account at StumbleUpon, you should be greeted with a screen like the one below, this is how some of the stumbled websites are shared with other users.

You can see that the bottom result has 193,000 visits and 93 reviews. I’m sure the person that created that article about Nintendo is very happy and has probably made a nice bit of money from it too.

StumbleUpon Stumbles welcome page

3) To share your website and it’s content with other stumbleupon users to need to add it to your StumbleUpon Favorites.

Note: You can download the stumbleupon tool bar which makes this process a bit quicker.

Click the favorites tab on the top and then click add site

StumbleUpon Add Site to favorites

4) Enter your websites url or the url of the page that you want to share, so it could be.


Yes, you can share your main site url and then your content pages after, but do this over a few days for best results.

After entering your URL, add a short description, brief or introduction to the page your sharing.

Click the “add a site” button.

Stumbleupon add site part 2

5) Part 2 of the submission process,

Tick the safe for work radio button and add tags related to you websites / page content.

Then click submit.

(You can see in the picture that StumbleUpon has 9,768,092 users as of 16/04/10)

StumbleUpon Submit Part 2

You should now be able to see the website you wanted to share in your favorites.

Note: The photo thumbnail is automatically generated after a few hours.

Thats it your done, easy isnt it?

Check back on your favorites and see how many views it’s had.

Hope you like the post, please feel free to share this post and leave your comments below.

Can I ask a favor?

Please add the url below to your list of StumbleUpon favorites, it’s the url for this page and will help me share it with others. Thank you.



P.S If your interested in taking this traffic tactic to the next level and well beyond, I highly recommend Amy X’s StumbleUpon Domination it blows stumble upon wide open and reveals some awesome traffic secrets.