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I made a special discovery the other day and I think you might actually love me for sharing this with you.

I found a unique service callled SEO Link Vine by a guy called Brad Callen, He is well know for providing quality software products such as SeoElite, AffiliateElite

SEO Link Vine comes in two parts,

Part 1 – Free High Quality Website Content

The system allows people to submit content to the SEO Link Vine system, this content can then be used on your website. It takes 1 minute to setup and is super easy.

– Content sent to your site 100% automatically with optional manual checking

– Targeted to your type of website or business

– Free

– High Quality

– Unique

Get the free content now using this link then clicking “Get Content” on the top right of page.


Part 2 – Back Linking & Traffic System

You may be wondering where all that high quality content comes from, in short people pay a small one time fee which allows you to upload your content to the SEO Link Vine system and when people share this content on thier sites it includes a back link to your website.

Join SEO Link Vine = Upload Content = Back Links = Traffic = Money


You don’t need to be a genius to work this out, imagine how many people would love to have all that free content on their sites?

Hope you like it.

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