My Top 10 Tools For Internet Marketers

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I’ve quickly created this post to list the some of the tools I use when doing market research, promotion e.t.c.

Google Adwords: Keyword Tool – Check popular keywords and get suggestions on alternative keywords.

Backlink Builder – Submit your website to huge bunch of web directories.

Google Insights for Search – Check keywords searches based on location and other variables.

Website Value Calc – Get a rough idea on your websites value based on popularity.

KeywordSpy – Check your competitors PPC keywords.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool – Check keywords search volumes, based on real searches.

Google Trends – See what people are searching for, now and in the past.

WordTracker – A good alternative to googles keyword tool.

NicheBot – Another good keyword tool.

Alexa – Provides a good insight into a website traffic rank, but also has some other useful features.

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