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Little Fish Blueprint Free DVD

May 17th, 2012

In the Little Fish Blueprint DVD, you’ll get to follow the story of Matt Bush, long time friend of Mike Filsaime, as he shares what he’s done to take on small business clients and help them to increase their leads and sales by ranking higher on Google, improving their websites appeal and tapping into the power of social media.

In this DVD you’ll discover how leading entrepreneurs are helping local small business owners to increase their sales by tapping into the tremendous power of Internet Marketing. While others may be focused on going after the “big fish” (or big businesses out there), the often overlooked aspect is the opportunity found in the many “little fish” (or small, local businesses) which can add up a good sized client base.

Matt has discovered a systematic approach to finding small business clients and being able to service their Internet Marketing needs even if they are several states away from him. Along his journey Matt has been able to disprove many of the myths surrounding local marketing and those are revealed in this DVD as well.

This powerful DVD explains Matt’s amazing journey to Entrepreneurial success using his unique and time-tested approach to finding, closing and providing lasting value to small business clients across the United States.

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Evergreen Business System Review & Bonus

August 2nd, 2011


Hope your having a great day, I have something very special for you today.

About 18 months ago I purchased a guide called Butterfly Marketing and wow what a eye opener it was, Butterfly Marketing opened my mind to how money can be made on the internet by using simple butterfly sites, in fact your reading this email as a direct result of me taking action after reading the guide and putting what I had learned into action.

I’ve since built many websites that use many of various techniques described in Butterfly Marketing manual with my own tweaks and ideas added into the mix.

Buttterfly Marketing helped me on my path to success and without it I’m not sure I’d be here writing this email to you and 50,000 other email subscribers.

Butterfly Marketing was written by Mike Filsaime, I’m sure you’ve heard of the name but in case you haven’t Mike went from working in a car showroom to multi millionaire in just a few years, but not without many flops and failures along the way. Mike is honest and trustworthy (becoming a rarity online) and is always happy to share stories both good and bad describing his journey to success online.

Today Mike is releasing a ground breaking system called the Evergreen Business System and it goes above and beyond what Butterfly Marketing offered. It provides a solid business model that can be put into use today and grown over the next few months into a successful business.

In this email I wanted to avoid the crazy earnings figures but Mike makes over $300,000 monthly by using this software and his resources, just imagine if you can use it to make 1% of Mike earnings, how would that effect your life?

What could you do with $3000 extra per month?

Think about it for just a moment…

And for the skeptics out there; this sum is close to the figure I personally make every month, just 18 months after reading the Mike Filsaimes Butterfly Marketing Manual.

I’m doing it and YOU CAN DO IT. Try it and take action, massive action.

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To help as many people as possible take action on this I’m going to be offering my biggest bonus ever.


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Guide to Generating Daily Traffic
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Adsense Revenue Exposed
Bloggers Guide to Profits
Google Video Marketing
Secrets of High Profit Websites
How to Track Tweets in Real Time
Affiliate Promo Machine
Cloaker Shadow
Content Screener
Copywriting Automator
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Keyword Swarm
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Blog Tracker
Opt-in Fire
Project Organizer
Rolodex Poster
Squeeze Synergy
Voucher Machine

I’ll also be throwing in countless other excellent products, guides and software to help you make the most out of Evergreen Business System. But for the sake of time I won’t include them all in this email, but trust me I’ll be stacking the value and offering over $1000 in bonus items.

This is the most exclusive, most valuable bonus package you’ll find online, period.

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