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Endless Traffic Tap Review & Bonus

November 11th, 2011


My Full review and bonus for Endless Traffic Tap by Russ Ruffino will be placed here shortly, in the meantime take a look at some videos that explain a little more about it.

The second set of videos (below) show a webinar type interview between David Carreno & Russ Ruffino talking about Russ’s start in the internet marketing world and the release of his latest info product Endless Traffic Tap.

First Video: Endless Traffic Tap [The IM Movie]

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Video Sales Firestorm – Step by Step from Newbie to $74k in Four Months

July 7th, 2011

Host: Russ Ruffino


In this live training session, you will learn the secret to how Russ Ruffino – a total newbie – was able to bring in $76,882.93 in just FOUR months using simple 10-minute videos that ANYONE can create!

Want proof? Russ will take you inside a LIVE sales funnel that’s converting a $97 product at 4-5% RIGHT NOW…and show you how to use these SAME principles in ANY online business to make huge conversions and CRUSH your competition.

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Russ will teach you the most POWERFUL conversion tactics on the planet to make your visitors HANG on your every word. You’ll learn how to make your site visitors CRAVE your e-mails, see you as a TRUE friend, and regard you a TRUSTED EXPERT in your niche…all without EVER writing a single article, blog post, or sales letter.

Video is the FASTEST-GROWING segment of the Internet…if you don’t know how to use video to your advantage, you risk being left in the dust! If you want to stay on the CUTTING EDGE, you need this information!

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