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Increase Your Websites Ad Revenue Using Kontera

December 22nd, 2010

Step 1) Watch the above to learn what Kontera is and how it’s used.
Step 2) Get a free Kontera publisher account by clicking here

Hi, Hope your well?

What’s this video about and why I created it.

A few months back I started testing some different methods for generating some extra money from my websites and one of the ad networks I heard about was Kontera, the whole operation is very similar to Google adsense with the main difference being that Kontera adverts are what they call “Content Links” which means that selected keywords of a pages text are high lighted in green with a double underline (you can change this style), and update to a information box with text and picture only when a user moves their cursor over the content link. Kontera doesn’t use the standard style banners either in text or graphic form.

A great thing about these style of ads is that they work perfectly along side any existing adverts and because they work from inside your text they’re not intrusive to your websites visitors.

Getting Kontera ads setup on your website is very easy you just need to create a free Kontera publisher account and then add a single piece of provided java script code to your pages html, after 24 hours the Kontera ads will appear on that page. You can also get a plugin for wordpress which has a few extra features over the basic java script code.

So after a few months of testing I was really pleased with the performance of the adverts and the money they produced, so I thought I’d create a video showing explaining how you can increase your websites revenue using Kontera.

Hope you like the video please let me know your thoughts, comments, and suggestions in the commenting area below.

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25 Free Text Links To Your Website

October 27th, 2010


In my last post “Big list of best back links for your site” I showed you a few different methods you can use to get back links from various websites. Today I’d like to expand on that and show you another method I use that is much faster to implement and saves having to go to each site one by one and manually creating a back link.

Recently I  discovered a website called textlinks and they provide a back linking service that’s real easy to use and provides great results. But the best part is that they offer a free trial!

Wait! This free trial is unlike others because you don’t need to enter any payment information, or agree to any ongoing services. In fact you can signup and get the all the free text links and you never have go back to their site and you’ll never have to pay anything!

It’s great, right?

Here’s how you claim your free back links

1) Visit the textlinks website, this link will take you there.

2) Enter your information into the form on the right hand side.

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