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Hello, I made a short video about a letter I received from Google.

Please turn your volume up as the audio is a little low and sorry about the “erms”, I made this video off the cuff and without a script.

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  1. deryck says:

    Lee, the video is very informative, and surprisingly enough it does work. Thank for the info keep them coming.

  2. Zul Md Noor says:

    Yes… Thanks Lee. I start to believe your system is going to work for me. I am still waiting for the results. I am now a premium member. Please highlight more if you have something to share with me. thanks ..Zulmdnoor

  3. Pratheesh says:

    A good success story, I also create a website and waiting for visitors to Adsense Adds. Thankyou for sharing your success video. Best of Luck

  4. Thanks lee.I think i will helped by this videos.Because the videos is really motivating.

  5. Hi Lee,

    Great, always looking for ways to help promote


  6. Hi
    Thanks a lot for video,It really help promoting

  7. Googal India says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for showing your Ad sense Check. Its great that its somethong around GBP 550.

    I appreciated that Google has lots to share from their Profits.

  8. pooja says:

    hey lee you have done a great job by receiving the cheque from Google by seeing this video we have learn some tips to follow you thank you for sharing with us

  9. Awangame says:

    Can you give it a text???

  10. Dale says:

    Hi Lee thanks for sharing your video, my ambition is to receive the google check monthly & it has to be a fat one too lol at the moment I am earning around £80 every 2 months & this has built up over the past four years (taken me ages I love to learn more creating a better income this way) but now I’m here, I’m going to take a look at the links to your articles for some information to learn more.

    Thanks again. Regards Dale

  11. Julie says:

    Hi Lee,

    Well, congratulations on receiving your cheque from google. A great passive income you’ve set up there – here’s to many more :-)

    Thanks for sharing Lee
    Take Care

  12. Abbey says:

    Sadly I can’t use adsense as my sites an adult site, I have found your advice helpful in other areas though, Thanks.

  13. I have signed up for adsense a year ago but I still not received any money at all. I dont think i have grasped as how it works.

  14. ashley says:

    hi can you please email me as i am struggling to get on with google adsense i have only just started my website and its my first one i think its going well let me know what you think and some tips wouldnt go a miss

  15. Yasir Sami says:

    thanks for the sharing
    your posts help me getting in touch with latest happenings. keep it up.

  16. philip says:

    Thanks for the advise, I’ve thought about this but not done anything about it. will look into it now.
    Thanks again.

  17. I’ve been most successful using your last suggestion. Nothing else has worked. I’m unable to “stack” these for some reason, so I’d love to figure that out, but thanks for the tips so far.

  18. Delta says:

    Hey Thanks a lot for video,It really help me promoting

    should check this is very nice site

  19. Chin M C says:

    Thanks for sharing Lee , that’s really motivating …and congrats …

  20. David says:

    Thanks for the video, its always good to beable to see the information ‘live’. Like you said in the video, there are many ways to earn online & NOT everything is a scam. You are right also when you talk about the ‘snow-ball effect’ Once you have done the hard work, which is getting the ball rolling, everything else show fall into place, which is great – but you really do need to put in the hard work & build up a customer / downline base. Thanks for the Information.

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