Best iphone Apps For Internet Marketers

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If you’re into internet marketing or run any kind of online business you’ve probably already got a smart phone and have started using it to help manage your online operations.

Your iphone can be used for so much more than just checking your email or browsing the net.

Below are some the best iphone apps I have personally used to help with my internet marketing.

1) CB Stats

This great little app allows to check on your clickbank account and check your daily sales just as if were logged in at the clickbank website. Just enter your clickbank details for the first time setup and choose a pin to keep the app secure. Then open the app and enter your pin to reveal your clickbank sales securely over any network. You can also add a additional 4 clickbank accounts and keep a check on them all without muliple logins and passwords.

Get this app for your iphone Here

2) JumiMouse

JumiMouse is one of several tools provided in a complete package called the JumiOne app, the JumiMouse app allows you to completely control everything on your pc from your iphone; how freaking cool!

Connecting and linking to your pc is pretty straight forward, a small program runs on your pc that waits for a connection (password protected) from your iphone. The phone scans your local network and connects to the computer you want to control.

You slide your finger across the iphone screen to control the mouse pointer on your pc and everything is done in real time so its quite easy to get the hang of.

You can use the JumiMouse to open up anything on your pc just as if you were sitting at the keyboard, talking of keyboard if you need to type something on your pc via the JumiMouse you just press the keyboard button and voila! you can now write direct from your iphone onto your pc.

I often use the JumiMouse to access flash websites on my iphone because as you know, flash does not work on the iphone.

In summary use this app to control your pc from anywhere.

You can download the JumiMouse app here

3) PayPal App

If your doing business online there’s a good chance your using PayPal to process at least some of your transactions. You can use this simple iphone app to keep tabs on your PayPal account via a simple secure login.

The app is pretty basic but provides these useful functions:

Account Balance

Account History

Send Money

Request Money

Split Bill, Fundraise (less useful)

The PayPal app is free and saves time on logging into the main site but don’t expect all the features of the website.

You can download the PayPal app for iphone here

4) Dropbox

I’ve been using this for a while on my computers but now you can get it for your iphone too! (Big Cheer)

The dropbox is a special sharing folder you have on your computer/s just drag files into the dropbox and they are uploaded and snyc’d onto your other computers and now your iphone.

Dropbox is a great way to move files around without having to email yourself or copy them to usb drives and memory cards.

You can also use the drop box to share files, photos or whatever by providing people with a link direct to your dropbox but whilst keeping everything safe a secure at the same time.

You can use the dropbox as a online back up of your important documents.

And now you can get all these features for your iphone.

Download the dropbox app here

5) Dragon Dictation

Initially I had a few problems with this app, it would not recognize what I was saying. However they seem to have fixed this issue and this app is great for recording short notes or messages directly from voice into text.

Open the app and hit the record button, press stop when you’re finished to see everything converted into text for use elsewhere. After recording you can quickly copy the text the clipboard, send a sms message, update facebook or twitter.

This app is pretty neat, and work great for short messages.

Get the Dragon Dictation app here

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P.S If your using a Android/Blackberry or other smart device
let me know and I’ll do a similar article you. Check your market
place in any case as you’ll probably find the same apps there.



  1. ethanjane says:

    Dropbox is the best of them all! I use it almost everyday to share and transfer files from one computer or device to another over the Internet. See more features here:

  2. Rahul Khan says:

    I appreciate the information provided by you. This is interested to know about….
    Also go to the link below to know about new mobile application for iPhone and iPad, named ‘GlobalSourcer’.
    Best iphone business apps

  3. Jerry says:

    Thanks for this great information, when i get my iPhone handy i will download these apps and use them especially the CB and the paypal apps

  4. Craig says:

    Great blog, everything to help is essential, I will be using Dragon Dictation to aid development of our site

    Thanks again

  5. Thanks for sharing such great information. All of these tools are great and for marketing they are really fantastic.

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