Forget Web Traffic. You Need Conversions

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It’s Lee from with a little tip that will
make your forget about generating website traffic. At least for a

You might think generating website traffic is the key to success,
but the truth is that traffic is only half the solution.

Most people think
Website Traffic = Sales

But in reality it’s actually like this
Website Traffic / Conversions = Sales

Have you ever thought about conversions? Be Honest.

Increasing your conversion rate is often so much easier than
increasing traffic.

One of the best methods to increase conversions is to have an email
list, because your email list allows you to follow up with your customers
and build relations with them and this ultimately makes you more sales.

For example: Assume a potential customer is looking for the best
deals on car insurance and they have arrived at your car insurance

Scenario 1
You try to sell your car insurance via your website, but the
customer is not ready to buy.

The customer leaves your site to compare other websites prices &

You have lost this customer!

Scenario 2
You try to sell your car insurance via your website, but the
customer is not ready to buy.

Your website provides a free report on how to reduce car insurance
costs. The customer downloads this free report in exchange for their

email address.

This customer is now saved onto your email list.

The customer leaves your site to compare other websites prices &

The customer has left, but you now have the opportunity to follow
up with them.

Follow up Emails = More Conversions = More Sales

You may think managing all of those email addresses & follow up
emails would be a real pain but fortunately there are professional
email management services such as Aweber (which I use & recommend)
that automate the entire process.

Right now Aweber are offering a free trial of its service and you’d
have to be CRAZY to miss out on this.

Give Aweber a Free Test Drive here

It’s difficult for me to explain just how powerful using this service is.
But I assure you if you use the service provided by Aweber and create
a follow up email campaign for your customers you will make more sales.

Please give the Aweber service a Free Test Drive, using this link

Give it a try, if it does not work for you.

You Lose Nothing

Thanks for taking the time to read my email.

Best Regards

Mr Lee Price

P.S. The email your reading right now, has been sent using the
Aweber service I recommend above. I use it daily and it provides
the foundation to my online business.




  1. says:

    I find conversion is difficult without coming across as being too pushy!
    I run a poetry blog at and I’m thinking about turning it into something that will bring me some money!
    I don’t know if it’s ethical to start emailing my subscription list!

  2. princessofdarkness says:

    Great post. I will look at trying it out. Not today though. I need a day off!! lol

  3. Kevin says:

    Very useful information. Building up a list of email contacts for your company certainly can help. Great way to market new offers.

  4. Thanks you for all your guidance. You have helped me greatly.

  5. Suji says:

    Hi, Lee. Great post!
    It’s very informative. Thanks for the links. :)

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