How to use Yahoo Answers to get free web traffic

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Okay in this post I’m going to dive right in a show you how to use Yahoo Answers to drive free targeted traffic to your website.

If its not obvious why you should be using Yahoo Answers, here are few reasons.

1) Yahoo Answers provides free traffic

2) The traffic it provides is targeted to your market

3) Yahoo Answers rank high in google and other search engines pages

4) You can help others and build credibility for your business or website

Okay there are many reason why you should be using Yahoo Answers for the benefit of your website.

On with the guide.

How to use Yahoo Answers to get traffic:

1) You need to create a Yahoo account if you don’t already have one, it’s free and you can create an account here

Tip: enter your user name as something that sounds real, for example Lee Price. This will add credibility to your posts.

2) After filling all of the details and confirming your email address you should already be logged in. But if not login here

3) Click on your name which allow you to change all of your profile settings, add a picture for your avatar (profile photo) but leave all the other details as they are.

4) You are now ready to start answering questions, goto Yahoo Answers here

5) Click on the answer box and then choose a category related to your website or you can use the advanced search feature.

6) You should now of found some questions that need answers, answer each of these questions as best as you can and include a link back to your website if it’s appropriate (Dont just start spamming links, you need to help people). You will notice that your link is not active after is been posted and this is because you need 200 points before you can post links. But once you reach the 200 point mark all of your links will become active so just keep answering questions.

The aim of the game is to have your answer chosen as the best answer, if your answer is selected as the best answer you get 10 points but also that answer is moved to the top of list and get more views than the other answers. This will start generating traffic to your website.

Here is the points table for yahoo answers

Action Points
Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers One Time: 100
Ask a question -5
Choose a best answer for your question 3
No Best Answer was selected by voters on your question Points Returned: 5
Answer a question 2
Deleting an answer -2
Log in to Yahoo! Answers Once daily: 1
Vote for an answer 1
Vote for No best answer 0
Have your answer selected as the best answer 10
Receive a “thumbs-up” rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted) 1 per “thumbs-up”


As you can see 200 points is quite easy to achieve.

Okay, get answering those questions.

I’d love to hear your results using this method to drive traffic, post your comments here.



  1. SadCook says:

    Care is now needed when using Yahoo answers to answer anything and using a link. There was recently some software that came out that allowed you to “spam” Answers and that has meant they’ve cracked down hard on anyone using any kind of link. My account was permanently suspended after I posted a family recipe of mine, then mentioned my favourite cookbook that I’ve used heaps of recipes from and suggested it might also be useful to the reader.

    Once you’re suspended. You can’t contact them with your Yahoo account to get your account reinstated.

  2. cns949 says:

    Just be careful not to add too many unrelated links (to your answers) because you will risk yahoo account suspension and deletion of all posts – as I have found out :(

  3. Ataner says:

    I used yahoo answers, i was in level 2 already, and really i gave answers what i think and wanted to help..But they are so sensitive and very easily drops down your points and etc. But for small traffic helped, i noticed.

  4. wendy2010 says:

    i use Yahoo answers but it’s not take me much web site traffic.i will insist on it.

  5. Petr Nikl says:

    Okay. I’m going to try it now and I know … :-)

  6. abhijith says:

    I think this information about Yahoo answers is very useful for my site which will give you the best C programming tutorial

  7. it is really good points to earn web site traffic. But I think we have to reach a level of 200 points in order to get links posted inside the answers

  8. Great Post I have been using yahoo for few months already and proved that it really works.

    Thanks For sharing more tips,

  9. Trimantra says:

    This information was really helpful and I am going to follow the suggested way.

    Thanks a lot

  10. Hi Guys – please help me here?? I thought that the link would be visible in one’s profile. RU supposed to leave a link on the answer that you have posted? Will that no get you blacklisted?
    Am I a blockhead?

  11. Jorge says:

    @Horizon Holiday Cottages,

    Actually, you now have to reach 250 points to get active links on Yahoo Answers.


  12. Jorge says:

    This is yet another great tip. I actually began to use Yahoo! Answers to create backlinks some time ago and then when you Google your site these articles are among the top search results. One thing is that you really have to be careful not to spam or post irrelevant answers. Yahoo will kick you out if you do it too much.


  13. It was a waste of time because one does not get the promised active display of links once you reach the 200 point mark !

  14. Zain says:

    Information is great but is it really worth the time & effort.

  15. Good article. It’ll really help.Thanks.

  16. Great info. I was also not aware of the 200 points to get active links. Thanks

  17. Ann says:

    I was not aware of the 200 yahoo answers which allows link postings. I normally answer questions without links but have them on my profile page.

  18. main says:

    Good article for those willing to make links for there site like me.

  19. Goembo Dorji says:

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