Super Little Traffic Generation Tip

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I’ve got a super traffic generation tip that I use in my
business everyday and I want to share it with you.

This tip will boost the power of your current website traffic.

+ Build a high value business asset
+ Drive traffic wherever & whenever you want
+ Develop a better relation with your customers
+ Increase your sales
+ Reduce your costs
+ Save you time

What is this miracle like tip you ask?

It’s called Email Marketing

But before you think of spam, Viagra and enlargement pills…

Email Marketing today is done using what’s called a Double Optin
System which basically ensures that people on your email list actually
want to receive emails from you.

Having an email list is a tremendous asset that’s difficult to
explain in a single email.


On with the tip, by using this simple method I’m sure you will see real

After creating your Aweber account, which is essential for managing
your email list.
Note: You can do this manually but it’s very difficult to maintain
after few subscribers.

Design an offer for your website visitors that encourages them to
provide their email address in exchange for a free report, free
guide, free ebook, free quotation, sample…

Once they’re on your email list provide them with whatever you
promised (done automatically with aweber software)

2-3 Days later is your chance to build a better relation with your
customer. You need to build this early relation gently, so provide
them with something really useful that’s related to your website.
Perhaps part 2 of the guide or something. (This email is called a
follow up and is also sent automatically via aweber)

Continue build the relation little by little over the 7 – 20 days
(done using same aweber auto methods)

After this warm up period it’s time to present your super fantastic
never before seen amazing offer…you get the idea!

Your customers will receive the offer via email and if you have
looked after them, provided good content / service, they will most
likely buy your stuff. Simple.

Take a Test Drive of the Aweber service using this link

I hope you put the above tip into practice and it has got some
ideas flowing in your head on using email as an effective tool.


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