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The Traffic Dashboard – Review & Bonus

March 30th, 2011

It’s Lee here,

As you know I’m always working on building up the traffic to my websites and I’ll often share
my tactics with you via the blog. From time to time I’ll hit a wall and lose focus on driving traffic
and when this happens I like to do a little browsing around and see what other people are doing
to get traffic to their websites, I’ll often be looking for something that catches my eye; something that
really has a wow, weird or cool factor.

So while I was browsing around and I came across The Traffic Dashboard and I immediately
thought of you.

“This is perfect I thought”

It’s a complete traffic generation training package broken down into lots of little bite size chunks

Here’s a screen shot of The Traffic Dashboard (click here if you can’t see it)
I’ve done a lot of checking to ensure this product is quality and I can assure you, that this is
of the very best quality.

People on the warrior forum are raving about this, it really is good stuff. You can see lots of
the reviews on the main traffic dashboard page using the link below.

I really think you should at least take a quick look and see if this is for you.

Check Out The Traffic Dashboard – Click the link below
Hope you have a great day, be in touch soon.


Warning: Don’t Buy GetFBadsFree

March 5th, 2011


I just wanted to give to a heads up on a product called Get FB Ads Free
by Jani G & Alex M.

Don’t Buy It.

It’s likely that you will see many people promoting this over the next few
days and I recommend that you un-subscribe from their emails lists.

Because, they don’t care about you and only want to earn a quick buck.

Get FB Ads Free has nothing to do with getting Facebook ads for free as the
name implies, I’ve done some research and talked to some friends who have
actually purchased this and it’s blatant deception.

I’m cool with marketing tactics and understand the need to sell the sizzle not the
sausage but this is deception, a lie and it’s just not right.

Get FB Ads Free is actually software that helps create Facebook fan pages NOT Ads and
nothing to do with free ads. It’s a shame because a lot of my friends thought the software
was actually quite good and created some good fan pages but it’s still based on a initial lie.

Do you really want to buy from someone who lies to you at the very first point of contact.

No of course you don’t, that’s why I wanted to let you know what this product is all about.

Ok, that’s it.

If really want to buy it you can get it here but remember it’s facebook fan page creator
and not a free facebook ad system. By the way the sales video runs for about 10 minutes
without controls so you can’t skip, pause or forward it. You just have to wait, great eh!

Anyways, hope you have a great weekend.