Warning: Don’t Buy GetFBadsFree

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I just wanted to give to a heads up on a product called Get FB Ads Free
by Jani G & Alex M.

Don’t Buy It.

It’s likely that you will see many people promoting this over the next few
days and I recommend that you un-subscribe from their emails lists.

Because, they don’t care about you and only want to earn a quick buck.

Get FB Ads Free has nothing to do with getting Facebook ads for free as the
name implies, I’ve done some research and talked to some friends who have
actually purchased this and it’s blatant deception.

I’m cool with marketing tactics and understand the need to sell the sizzle not the
sausage but this is deception, a lie and it’s just not right.

Get FB Ads Free is actually software that helps create Facebook fan pages NOT Ads and
nothing to do with free ads. It’s a shame because a lot of my friends thought the software
was actually quite good and created some good fan pages but it’s still based on a initial lie.

Do you really want to buy from someone who lies to you at the very first point of contact.

No of course you don’t, that’s why I wanted to let you know what this product is all about.

Ok, that’s it.

If really want to buy it you can get it here but remember it’s facebook fan page creator
and not a free facebook ad system. By the way the sales video runs for about 10 minutes
without controls so you can’t skip, pause or forward it. You just have to wait, great eh!

Anyways, hope you have a great weekend.




  1. Nearly got caught out with this one myself, was planning to promote it on my own site, until.. like yourself, did a bit of checking and i have to agree with your comment, why would any one buy from someone who misleads them from the outset. Thanks again Lee.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi many thanks for the heads up on that i was about to buy it. For my facebook fan page. Im planning to use facebook as a way to get traffic to my website for Cheap Phones

  3. Thanks for the advice. I nearly signed up for this the other day as I am searching all avenues at the moment trying to get as much traffic to my site as I can. It’s hard work!!

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks for that info. Lee. I had a couple of mails in the past days with those FB ads.

  5. I looked at it, and i thought, you know what this just feels like exploitation. I was intrigued, and I got to about 7 mins and just got tired of being asked the same question. Just in many different ways, and in different formats. Advertising is one thing, but sometimes you need to get the point over sooner. Wheither it is effective or not, I can’t say. I am new to all this really. But I could have spent 7 minutes reading a blog, or adding a link somewhere, where I knew I was getting some kind of change back for the time I was spending watching it … hats off to the creators though, I did quite enjoy the themes … lol!

  6. Michelle says:

    Many thanks for the head up on that one!


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