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Video: Using Social Media For Free Website Traffic

January 26th, 2012



The video below explains everything you need to know about using social media to generate free website traffic.

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Big Traffic In Little Time

November 13th, 2010


Just wanted to share a cool method you can use to get load of traffic to your website in a short amount of time and for relatively little effort.

Before we start you need to have some good content on your website, your content can be text, images, video or a combination, but the content MUST fit into at least one of these groups: Informative (how to, guide, tips, tricks), Funny, Cool, Sweet, Nasty, News worthy. The better your content is the more traffic you will receive, due to the viral sharing nature of this method.

If your website does not have any content like this, then make some. » Read more: Big Traffic In Little Time

Tricks For Fast Traffic On Site

August 19th, 2010

I have prepared a website in urdu language. Most of my viewers are from South Asia region countries like Pakistan,India Afghanistan and people living in Europe and America who can understand urdu language.
To promote my site first i have done the submission of my site to various search engines.Then i have multiple accounts on facebook Twitter,zorpia and orkut.starting with my first name , last name,middle name and so on .i have hundred of friends in each,i introduce my website on these account.than i add the groups which have similar subjects as my website like poetry,palmistry astrology and many more because i have my website having content on various subjects and fields like sport ,music,articles,fashion i add various groups and pages to my website.more over i receive e-mail’s which have forwarded by many people i collect their email and have made a database of email.i email on these addresses and introduce them about my website by telling them how much it is useful for them,and how much knowledge it is providing.I have added key words in my website according to important topics and by keeping in mind how people use to write to search about the topic of their interest in search engines.i also intended to do banner exchange with sites having the contents on same topics as my website.

Traffic tips – using Twitter

August 18th, 2010

I am self-employed but do not have a large number of clients. I like to show those clients, and potential clients, that I am serious about horizon-scanning in their interests. There are benefits to me, and my customers, and I call it part of my personal learning network (PLN).

I have gradually built up a twitter following by building connections with people in my areas of interest. It’s not about numbers but about recognition of value. (I keep a separate account for following organisations which only transmit and never engage.) As with any decent relationship, on twitter it is necessary to be two-way, to give and to take. This means paying dues to questions people ask and responding to ‘what has their attention’. Keeping it conversational sustains interest over time and reveals clues as to what you are about and confirms that others share some common aspects of what you do.

I have written a blogpost, called my manifesto for my blog and another called What I have learned from Twitter, about the groups or audiences I choose to follow. The blog has a mixture of posts intended to interest these people.  However, the website is more formal and static in presenting aspects of what I do. When they really need to know, that’s where they turn.

Yes, I am interested in learning. Showing that I share my learning is a good way to generate traffic.

Angus Willson

Buying Up Digital Real Estate For Free

October 18th, 2009


I just wanted to let you know that you are missing out on the opportunity to claim large amounts of digital real estate for free. And if you don’t your competitors may claim your share.

What is Digital Real Estate?

To be honest I just made the term up and I’m not sure if people even use this phrase, digital real estate is anything online that has an address or location. One that you can lay claim to!  A really good example would be a domain name such as


With so many massive companies or small companies going massive overnight means lots of new real estate is now available for free, for example with facebook you have the option to create a fan/business page and once created this page becomes part of your digital real estate empire which you control and its important to note that the search engines index these pages and they can rank very HIGHLY.

You need to claim your piece of the pie for each and every single video site, social networking, social book marking, directories, blog directories,…Everywhere you can think of.

If you don’t have the time to do them all at least do these few,,

You need to stamp your name on all of these websites, the benefits are countless for example:-

Backlinks, google indexed pages, increased traffic, increased page rank…

but the only thing you need to consider is what if somebody claimed and then uploaded all sorts of un-mentionable videos with a link to your website, I’m sure you could file a lawsuit but the damage would of already been done.

Claim your Digital Real Estate Now!

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P.S I’ve just done a search on google to see if the term “Digital Real Estate” was being used, the search produced 173 Million results but I noticed in 8th Place of all those results.

Notice the Twitter real estate I’ve been taking about? You really do need to do this.

Digital Realestate (digitalrealest) on Twitter

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