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Just wanted to share a cool method you can use to get load of traffic to your website in a short amount of time and for relatively little effort.

Before we start you need to have some good content on your website, your content can be text, images, video or a combination, but the content MUST fit into at least one of these groups: Informative (how to, guide, tips, tricks), Funny, Cool, Sweet, Nasty, News worthy. The better your content is the more traffic you will receive, due to the viral sharing nature of this method.

If your website does not have any content like this, then make some.

Okay now that you have the content ready on your website you need to promote it. Go through each of the steps below one by one and watch the traffic roll in.

I assume you have an account at each of these websites, if you create an account and continue.

1) Go to and submit your websites content, you’ll need a catchy title and short description of what the content is, then complete the other details such as category and the capcha.

Okay your content is now up on digg and from here we need to promote it, click the digg button on the left site of your content to digg it, and then click the facebook share option. Don’t actually share it yet, just copy the link that’s provided.

It should look something like this

, if you can get your content digg link try login out then search for your stuff using some of the words you used in the title. Then you should be able to get the digg link like the one above.

2) Moving on next, you need to go to Stumbleupon and bookmark the digg link you just created, once you have bookmarked the digg link it will be added to your favorites list. Click on this new link and it will take you to digg, now copy the address in your web browser it should look something like this:

This is the link that we are going to promote.

3) Open up Facebook and update your status to something like this:

“Hey, check out this – Dog Doing Back Flips, thumbs it up & Digg it if you like it. Your Link Goes Here <Copy and Paste this onto your wall>”

If you have any facebook pages or groups that you administer add the link into there also, you can also post the message on some other people group pages but ensure they are related to your content and only do it once per group of page and maximum of 3 times in total. i.e don’t spam everywhere.

4) Now you need to do the same thing at twitter, obviously shorten the text as required to fit into the tweet box. Use can use a url shortener too.

5) Next it’s onto your messenger program, what ever messenger program you use just follow the same process. Message each person on your friends list and send the message as you did with facebook and twitter.

6) Now it’s your emails contacts turn, log into your email client and send a message to every contact in your address book. You can add some extra text into your email to explain what it is that your doing. You can also ask them to forward this email onto their friends. Note: if your using a work email address it’s probably best just to choose your friends emails.

7) Apply this same process to all of the social networks you use or basically any place where you communicate with other people. Linked in, myspace, your blog, tumblr, what ever and where ever.

Important notice, only use this method once every few months otherwise your friends will start ignoring you :)

Let me know your results and before you go ensure you have given this post a thumbs up using the below

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  1. Jim says:

    Hello, Lee. It would be cool to know if you have tried this method and if you got the results. Thanks

  2. obat vimax says:

    Thanks for your post, Lee!

  3. Andy says:

    Hello Lee

    Thanks for the great info our hit rate has gone up since using your ideas. Keep them coming!

  4. yourfreetips says:

    Hello Lee,
    Thank you for sharing this great method for big traffic. I learned a lot about how to get more traffic to site.

  5. Domains says:

    Hello Lee
    That’s very kind of you to share such intersting ideas in this post!┬ábut i Want to just more this one is a little bit very older
    waiting for others ones soon!

  6. Hi Lee,
    I tried this. Completed the 1st step & got the Digg Link as

    but getting error on 2nd step.
    StumbleUpon is not opening this page “invalid link”
    Can you please help?

  7. This was great advice and I will surely be using it on

  8. Hi Lee
    Great idea
    thanks for sharing

  9. Zhanna says:

    Thanks for the ideas. Let’s give it a try. I hope it will work.

  10. Gary Payne says:

    Thanks again Lee for the advice!! hopefully our website will see some benefits

  11. lashari says:

    That was a cool way……. lolz

  12. mmorpg says:

    Nice tips…but don’t forget reddit, thats a huge boost of free traffic as well.

  13. sean says:

    great informative article, big thanks from the trunkster

  14. dave says:

    interesting, depends though what type of site you have and what type of traffic you wish to attract, but useful thanks.

    To shorten your URL to something that makes sense and is interesting – or contains your brand name then use you also get free html with it and an number of clicks counter.


  15. fullget says:


    this is a nice way to get free trafic i like it and i try to use it

  16. anna says:

    oh oh oh i think i need a lot of revisions in my own website..hope you could help me out …but this article is very useful..thanks thanks thanks

  17. Dana Mandiri says:

    Hi, it fresh and cool method…thx a lot
    KTA and KPR Mandiri

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