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It’s pretty crazy in the UK right now due to all the snow over the past few days, we don’t actually get that much snow here and despite the UK’s rich resources we don’t seem to prepare for the snow and then we deal with it badly when it arrives. The country generally comes to standstill when the snow hits.

This is what the roads looked like near me, not so bad but so still enough to cause problems.

For many people the change in the weather will mean a loss of earnings, lots people can’t get out to work and those that do make it out to work will often find they have no customers.

Today the snow didn’t affect my online earnings but it did make me think of all those people that couldn’t make any money which is going to be even tougher on them during the run up to Christmas.

I want to help you and as many others build your online businesses so that when these types of things happen you don’t get caught out and can still earn money.

Even if your online business could not provide a full time income, I’m sure a little extra money would help you out during these tough economic times.

So the idea behind this post is that you can “Ask Me Anything” and I’ll answer your question as best I can.

I have a lots of experience in many aspects of both online and offline businesses.

Offline includes –

Management, Marketing, Accounting, Company formation, Taxes

Online includes –

As with offline but skilled in web design, web promotion, affiliate marketing, seo, web revenues, conversions, email marketing… and all that kind of stuff with the exception of CPA (Cost Per Action). I’ve had a go at almost everything online (some with more success than others) and I should have something valuable to share with you on your questions.

You can ask me anything you want!

How to ask a question & the rules.

1) Leave your question in the comments area below – add your unique question, add relevant details and your website if you wish.

2) Please keep comments focused and no too long. I’m going to be reading and answering them all.

3) Ask a unique question, if the same question is asked twice it will only be answered once.

4) Ask a specific question, if you ask “whats the best source of traffic?” you won’t get the best answer as I don’t know anything about you or your website.

5) In a few days I’ll create a new post with all the questions and answers in a easy to read format.

Start asking your questions below.


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  1. Elia Durban says:

    Dear Lee, according to experience how a way to get money through the internet, which legally I mean, from the level of the most easy to difficult.

  2. Santhosh says:

    Hi Lee,
    This is Santhosh
    I blog about laptops or notebooks and my blog is Notebook Solutions and it is not the best of the laptop blogs around but still has good and useful content.

    My question is, I have tried most of things to get to the first page of the google for specific keywords such as no display, no sound, etc.
    I have submitted articles to ezine and other article directories, posted replies in many notebook related forums, submitted my blog to article directories having good PR, ping services and also to some extent my blog is seo optimized, okay recently I have stopped blogging on daily basis looking at my results as my daily traffic has not gone past over 100 or so.
    Most of the techniques that I have tried are the free ones, is there any tip that you can give me so that I get more traffic to my blog or rank well in google and for free.
    I know few things that I have not done yet, such as Video promotion, PPC and others. Looking for something different.

    Thank You

  3. Malbaba says:

    Hi Lee

    I would appreciate your opinion on my website (


  4. Hi Lee,

    I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a question in to you in time. I had hoped to get some feedback on my website. In any case, your answers to other peoples questions were very useful to me. Good luck with the snow! :)


  5. abhijith says:

    Sir,I have a website about C programming tutorials.Now I have a google PR(page rank) of zero,but i am trying to get some back links,but still no change in PR,how many back links i need to get a PR of 1,is there any formula to calculate PR?

  6. Damir says:

    My website has pretty good trafic (17000 visitors, 30000 pages) in half year, it covers good theme, but it does not monetize.Is it price to high, or maybe I am not well known.What could be reason and what should I do.thank you

  7. sheila says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for asking for questions. I dont look after my site I pay a friend to do it because I know nothing about making or keeping up a site. I submit it once a month to the search engines. I used to come on page one of google but now I am well down.
    my question is how can I improve the visibility of my site. Thanks Sheila

  8. riad arafat says:

    Dear Lee

    Happy New Year & merry chrisms’

    Thank you very much for all your advice and your email

    Up tell now I have around 6689403 visitors to my web side

    So how we make $ from this.

    Pls advise me the way to do it…????

    Thanks & best Regards

    Riad Arafat

  9. Daniel says:

    With all the snow and problems you have taken the time to email all of us.
    How do you do that I mean which SOFTWARE do you use to promote this mass emails, and i can see your emails dont get into my spam box that is just great.
    Because i can see lot of promoting emails getting either spammed or IP ADDRESS ARE BLOCKED.

  10. gerry says:

    I have website with 1 year old, but until now my website not get PR from google. Tell me how to get the PR, what we shuld do etc…


  11. Amit says:

    We just came across your newsletter in our website and we were in the process devising a strategy to overcome the limitation our website is offering. Could you kindly review our website to see where exactly we are lacking and why our website cannot generate conversions.

    Thank You


  12. aryalhornet says:

    Great thanks for your email.
    I want to know that how i can earn money from my blog and in every country his will available or not? in Nepal also we can get money if we earn. how to address it?
    thanks for you again

  13. Malbaba says:

    Dear Lee,
    Just in case, I am resubmitting my url to you as I am not sure if it went through the first time.
    You asked me for my website url, it is
    I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.

  14. daveamos says:

    hi lee,
    very many thanks for all the information you are sending out , which is most appreciated. I would value your comments on this new site which i have developed for a local business man looking for more orders/enquiries, what could be done code wise to increase its chances of being found, its hard to know what people might key in if they wanted to find this company,
    many thanks, dave

  15. Allison says:

    Duh…reread your post. Used your web submission software and was surprised I got three average ratings. Other 2 sites are and My visits are increasing though not as quickly as I would like. What to do? More links?Not specific enough in telling people what to do? I know I need a merchandise system; what is a good one? Will use your suggestion for the blog.
    What service is good for landing pages?

  16. Bill Webster says:

    Hi Lee,,Being a newbie,would appreciate critique of my website which I have had setup as an affiliate to am having a few problems with the html headers and meta tags according to validator-otherwise have registered withmany other search engines – have only had 1000+visitors in 6weeks – cant do promotion through Google as they say my site is against their Bridging Police ie when clicked upon the visitor is taken to another site – my Site
    Thank you Bill

  17. Allison says:

    Ni Lee,
    I did not make the time to pose a question, however, I made the time to read your responses. I learned quite a bit. This was a good idea. Almost makes me wish you more snow so you can snuggle in and answer more if you think to do it again. (Smile) I’m kidding. Great post.

  18. Aleza says:

    i am unable to find anyway to have website ranked high , and free website submission

  19. Hi there,
    My web host i.e have this great Meebo IM toolbar for chatting. The problem is, lately, it hasn’t been functioning on my site.
    My question is, where can I find a great chat toolbar that appears at the bottom of my page for free?
    I know I sound cheap by asking ‘for free’ but please answer.

  20. mike says:

    hi do free web site submission work, also
    im not going to spend much money until my site have been checked by you if you got time to have a look, cant see my website in google,
    keep up the good work, many thanks mike jarvis

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