Submitting Sites to Dogpile and Getting Real Results

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Without search engines the Internet would be a pile of rubble with chaos running everywhere. You would have to truly know exactly where you were going to get anywhere on the net. With search engines, however, you are able to find anything about the world around you and beyond with a simple search query. There are a great deal of different things you could do, but when the tables are turned and you have a website, things can be difficult. If you want to get listed, they don’t always make it easy, because they want only quality content listed. However, if you have a website and you want to get in, there are ways to do so. Whether you’re looking to learn how to submit to dogpile, or any other major engine, you can do a variety of things to get included in their listings.

The bad news at press time is that it’s not easy to get into dogpile on its own. The good news is that the site doesn’t really do its own listings; it uses the API of all other major search engines at the moment to deliver their results. That’s good because you don’t have to jump through another set of hoops to ensure that you’re getting into the web’s top search sites. You will however have to make sure you’re in with the other ones which will be a rough task unless you consider a little bit of help.

In order to get listed with as many engines as possible you need to look into an engine submitter. There are a lot of different companies and websites doing this and they have their radar set to make sure your site gets through to the masses with relative ease. They ping the services and then list you in directories all for free. Some do have pay options, but they also add proprietary listings that aren’t necessarily going to show up in engines that utilize other’s API.

The benefits of getting listed with any given engine should be obvious to experienced users, but for those that aren’t really familiar with how this all works, it’s simple. A web user surfs the Internet and utilizes a search query to find something they need, and the query returns an ordered list of the most relevant websites that deal with any given information. Now, imagine if you are listed in there for their needs, they will click through and see your site, for free. No ad money, no headaches, they simply go to your site with a free recommendation and you benefit greatly. You end up with a new potential customer, simply by being listed within the search results.

Without being listed in search engines, you will have to pay a lot of money in ads to get people to visit your website. If your site is optimized properly and you do a little bit of work, you will find that the best thing to do in order to submit your website to the proper authorities is to get with a service that does the listing for you. Often times this is free, so look out for options that work best for you. Once you submit, wait up to 12 hours for listings to appear.


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