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There are a lot of things you can do to promote your website in these modern times, you do not have to settle for just one type. One of the more prominent ways to get noticed online is to make sure that your website is listed with all major search engines. One of the things that many people try to find is how to submit to yahoo, and others, but it can be quite difficult at first. This is not just in the case of one search engine, but all of them, as they are continually trying to filter out bad websites and only include top-notch content. The battle of submissions has always been one that is difficult to gauge, but it is possible to get included in on the fun. Consider the following as a guide to help you get into the search engine once and for all.

First and foremost, yahoo website submissions are run through Bing more often than not. The yahoo search people have done a lot of things recently to keep alive in the wake of many layoffs. With that in mind, they play nicely with the Microsoft branded engine instead of the one that is being offered by Google. Getting into their search results is a matter of getting into Bing, which is easy compared to the old process that was required to get onto the search results of Yahoo.

Now, the second thing that you need to realize is that there are premium listings to be found in Yahoo. If you want to get in on the premium side of things, you’ll have to drop $299 to them. Some people prefer this because the spotlight can generate serious amounts of money throughout their pages. Imagine getting spotlighted for your category and getting millions of yahoo users, you could seriously convert that traffic into just about anything you wanted, depending on the subject matter of the url you’re putting in.

The free version of Yahoo’s search engine submission is easy. It is free, simple to use, and you can get serious results over time. However, the directory listings are the ones that are often times coveted and cost money to join. If you don’t have the budget to get in on the directories, that’s ok, the single search option is just as good in many ways.

As time goes on, it is important to focus on the major search engines, and not just Yahoo. The company has seen better days, and therefore are going to be wary of doing too much in regards to search, which they have given over to Microsoft to serve up.

If you can’t get your site listed with them, consider getting a submission service that can blanket the net including the two major search engines and get the attention of relevant users from across the world. First things first, though, you have to try to get in on your own. Make a good site, put good content in, and make sure that you are up to code and you’ll be fine when trying to learn how to submit to Yahoo.


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