The Top 10 Search Engines

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When it comes to the online world chaos abounds. There are millions of websites out there and to figure out what each one does or how they relate to just about anything, can be quite difficult to manage. Think about what would happen if you needed something and couldn’t find it. For instance, what if you were in need of a new bicycle and wanted to find a store online that specializes in bikes, but couldn’t find anything. Where would you go? If you said search engines, you’re right. Without search engines there is no connectivity within the infrastructure of the web, which is why they are important in these modern times.

Finding which engine is best can be daunting, especially since there are so many out there, but the following will try to compile the top 10 search engines that you can utilize online, whether to find something or to submit your website for ultimate SEO and listings.

10.  Duck Duck Go – At the number 10 spot here is the simple web engine that could. It is a site that is simple to use, and gives you simplistic results when you need them. This is not the definitive option that you’ll want to utilize in your quest, but it is one that many find to be far easier to utilize than some of the bigger ones on our list.

9. Dogpile – Dogpile came out with an interesting option, search all the engines at once. They still manage to give you results from all engines at once, but it’s a far cry from what it was long ago.

8.  Ask – Ask is one of the better sites to utilize as it has more than just results, it has a full portal of questions and answers that will give you information on just about any topic that you can think of.

7. The Internet Archive – This engine is one of the more powerful ones that can dig up the past. If you have an online presence or miss a website of any type, this site will find it and showcase it to you. It also has lots of information, videos, audio and beyond.

6.  Yippy – So you want more web search but less filler? Here you go, Yippy has a lot of pages that you might find elsewhere, but easy to use features make this one a bit more special. It has some serious obscure references in their search and it doesn’t filter things quite as much as the big 4.

5. Mahalo – The concept with this site was simple, let’s have everyone else do the listings for us, and not let spiders do their job. Well, here you have a human powered search engine, and much like Wikipedia, it works quite well. It can get things wrong sometimes, but hey, we are all human and errors are expected.

4. Lycos – The mighty Lycos is still around and with a whole new contemporary design. The site that used to act more like a portal of cool is now very much looking like Bing in many ways, but many users still utilize is, so it hangs in there as one of the more popular options.

3. Yahoo – One of the longest running search websites in the world is still at it today. They are not #1 in any way, but they still manage to get serious amounts of traffic, and it could be due in large part to the age of their domain name and popularity throughout the years.

2. Bing – Microsoft wanted to get their hands on a better way to search, so they came out with this monster to compete with Google. It works great, has intuitive links and is the #2 option in the world.

1. Google – The biggest and baddest is also the most popular and well-received search engine in the world. There is no way to topple this giant, and if you are a Webmaster, you have better get in good with this engine.

The aforementioned are the top 10 search engines in the world, and they bring the Internet to an easy to digest place to dwell, work, and even play.


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