Using MSN For Free Traffic & Back Links

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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been very busy working on some other projects.

I’ve created a short video below that shows you how to get some free traffic from MSN and a top quality PR6 back link to your website. I did not have time to do the audio, but it’s quite easy to see what’s going on.

Please leave your questions & comments below.

Edit: Just uploaded a better quality video to youtube, viewing should be better now.



  1. Hi Lee, it seems you might be a bit out of date with the video on obtaining links using MSN comments. MSN appear to have turned off the option to leave comments, which is a shame. I was hoping to get a link for my new site –

    Cheers – Dave

  2. anuj says:

    Hi, Lee Thank you so much! I just posted a backlink at MSN. This really works.

  3. Joelee says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks a lot of about your advice. Our company helps people who want to find their jobs in Indonesia only. Our website link at

    Hope you can give me how to increase and get backlinks in Indonesia MSN.

    Thank you,

  4. Karen Miller says:

    Hi Lee: Love commenting here.
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  5. Weblypreneur says:

    Hello Lee, I love this legit method of getting back link from MSN UK.i want to ask how can I get this same kind of backlink in 2018.does it still works in 2018.thanks

  6. Jim Alley Sr says:

    Trying one more website Lee, keep up the good work.

  7. Jim Alley Sr says:

    Thanks Lee for your help. Can’t wait to see the results in the listing.

  8. ryAN says:

    Great tips Lee. enjoyed learning from your article today. I’ll try and apply it.

  9. Tony says:

    good information Lee thanks again for the links and advice

  10. Sandy says:

    HI Lee, this video is really helpful for me to learn how to make a high quality back link.

    Here is our coupon site for 5000+ brands & stores: and hope you can find what you need.

  11. Thanks Lee. Thanks for your nice video.

  12. Barry Mackey says:

    Hey Lee,thanks for the great information

  13. Serge says:

    Hi Lee,

    After trying a couple of times to do as you are saying onto the video, I didn`t succeed.
    I really want to place my site:

  14. thank you lee,
    Keep it up.
    All the best.

  15. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the Tips.

  16. Nigel says:

    Lee, what is the point of you offering a “No Follow” link here on your site, building back links is all about getting “Do follow” links these days, no follow links are not worth the effort, having a high ratio of no follow to do follow can even hurt rankings.

  17. Nigel says:

    Hey Lee, not sure if you have looked at MSN lately but I cannot find anyway to do what you suggest. Perhaps I am missing something. I hope you can tell me what. Anyway if anyone else needs a break from trying this to no avail please visit my website and get yourself a holiday in sunny Portugal

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