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Traffic Alert!

October 14th, 2013
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The Top 10 Search Engines

October 6th, 2012

When it comes to the online world chaos abounds. There are millions of websites out there and to figure out what each one does or how they relate to just about anything, can be quite difficult to manage. Think about what would happen if you needed something and couldn’t find it. For instance, what if you were in need of a new bicycle and wanted to find a store online that specializes in bikes, but couldn’t find anything. Where would you go? If you said search engines, you’re right. Without search engines there is no connectivity within the infrastructure of the web, which is why they are important in these modern times.

Finding which engine is best can be daunting, especially since there are so many out there, but the following will try to compile the top 10 search engines that you can utilize online, whether to find something or to submit your website for ultimate SEO and listings.

10.  Duck Duck Go – At the number 10 spot here is the simple web engine that could. It is a site that is simple to use, and gives you simplistic results when you need them. This is not the definitive option that you’ll want to utilize in your quest, but it is one that many find to be far easier to utilize than some of the bigger ones on our list. » Read more: The Top 10 Search Engines

Secret Backlink System to Get Your Website in the Search Engines Fast

January 14th, 2010

Secret Backlink System to Get Your Website in the Search Engines Fast

By Tyler A Pratt

Have you had it with trying to find good backlinks?

Doesn’t it always seem like google just does not want to index your pages?

Yes I had the same questions a few years ago when I first started my websites. Every week I would work on placing more backlinks to get higher rankings. But every week my pages would continue to stay out of the search engines.

I have a secret backlink system and its like this.

I have figured out how to get quality backlinks and so can you.

Oh and get this, almost everyone will fail to gain quality backlinks because they are thinking quantity. And we can use this to our advantage.

So what is the backlink secret?

Well I call it the “Quality Link Juicer”

All the QLJ is, its a system to find high ranking website and then place your link on those pages.

1. The first high ranking site to get your website indexed and have backlinks is submitting to Digg. Submit all your inner pages to

2. Be active in 3 forums and post each day. Add your link to the signature and received nice backlinks to your site.

3. Find other blogs that are similar to yours. Then place comments about the content you read with a backlink to your website.

4. Do a Google search for your niche or keyword. Contact the website owners in the top 5 and ask for a link exchange.

5. Create quality content and place that content on article directories like EzineArticles and ArticleBase. You will be able to place your link back to your website in the article bio.

Warning: Be sure to follow each of these steps. And don’t expect to see high click through traffic from each high ranking site. All you want is backlinks for the search engines to find your site.

Right, and I am not sure you will be able to use these strategies.

To find out if we can help you make these steps work, download this Free SEO marketing course today. You also get a video course valued at $397 my gift to you.

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How to create a XML Sitemap

January 12th, 2010

Many search engine require some form of sitemap to ensure all of your pages are indexed properly.

Here’s how you create a sitemap, specifically the xml type

1) Goto Free XML Sitemap Generator

2) Fill in the form and click the start button

3) Wait a little while, until it completes

4) You can now download the sitemap in many file formats, you want XML (NOT the compressed type)

5) Save the file to your computer

6) Transfer the file to location of your website and upload

7) You should now be able to access the file using via your domain name.

Something like

This is the link you should use when submiting your website to the search engines.