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A another picture of the snow

Update: I did intend on adding more of your Q&A’s here but wordpress crashed when I hit the update button Arrggghhhh, so I’ll re do my answers in the morning (Saturday).

Update: Re done all of the answers that went missing yesterday, I think I got everyone’s questions done.

Hi, okay I’ve gone through all your questions and answered them all as best I can. Please note that I’m straight talking person and I tell it like I see it. Please don’t be offended if I said your website needs attention, I’m telling you because it’s needed and not because I like bashing other peoples work.

All the question & Answers are below. Feel free to add your own comments or suggestions at the bottom.

Weather update: It’s still snowing and I think it’s awesome.


  1. Hi, i got your mail, i wish you are well.
    if you have any suggestion than let me know.
    God bless you

A: Hi, it’s difficult for me to answer such a general question. Please ask a specific question.

  1. lee says:

    as a newbie to the web world
    i am learning new things every day, 6 months a go i never knew what PR and SEO was
    6 months on i am now getting over 2000 hits a month to my site but sales are still slacking

    Ok my question to you
    How can i improve the hits and the sales thats not to complicated for a freshman and without getting another company involved

A: Hi Lee, it’s a nice looking website that you have but a few things really stood out to me. 1) Header and nav bar are taking up the whole page top to bottom and when you select a article it loads underneath all the nav stuff. 2) Your page title, description and keywords need to be optimized 3) Consider offering a sample of your product for people to try 4) Explain new cigarette costs vs tabacco products, is it cheaper? Keep the good work!

  1. Mike Joy says:

    I have a freebies web site ( ) that has been running for a while and after initial SEO it was doing quite well. However it has started dropping drastically and I can’t work out why. It ranks as 2nd on google for free ipod shuffle and on page 2 for free iphone 4. But Alexa rank was around 900,000 but is now 3 1/2 million does this matter ?

A: Hi Mike, many people don’t actually search for “free ipod shuffle” and similar keywords so even if you rank #1 for this keyword it will only provide small traffic results. If I were you I would create content for my website that helps people to do things with their ipod, iphone, ps3 and other free items you promote: guides, articles, tutorials and that type of thing and then cross promote your “get a free ipod” by clicking here, or add a nice banner.

  1. John says:

    Good morning, from an even snowier, colder France. Minus 17 yesterday.

    My new site, needs tweaking, I know. Meta tags etc on some products. But ti sis apparently not visible after about a month.

    What have I done wrong,please?????

A: Hi John, The website layout is quite messed and needs fixing, remove the margin on the left side and top. The product info pages also have the additional problem of big images and squashed text area. As for traffic I would try to find people with health problems (Q&A sites, forums) try to help them and cross promote specific products to help them.

  1. Hi Lee,
    I have signed up with numerous MLM/affiliate programs like GDI,SFI,Clickbank,ASN.
    So far only ASN works and pays without spending a dime.
    Does other programs like Reality Networkers work?
    Are there other good affiliate programs?

A: I make good money as a affiliate, and you can too. Here’s the key: Find a group of people that want or need something and create a website to help with their problem. Promote product they need, want or desire. Take people to your products, dont take your products to people.

  1. bigshow says:

    i need to know whether you can advertise for me on face book,i also need to know how i can pay you by money transfer system because i do not have online payment means

A: Hi Bigshow, please email with your exact facebook requirements. You really need to get some sort of online payment system, I don’t know what the problem is but it must be sorted, you will have a very difficult time making money online without it.

  1. Vladim says:

    I ask you is there a chance to add my url in your page.
    My home page is:

    Many thanks
    Vladim Petrik

A: No

  1. Malbaba says:

    Dear sir,
    Thank you for your offer to help.
    I need to know the best way of building external links to my website in order to get higher ranking, it is been running for 3 years now, active in the UK, 5000 monthly visitors, ranks good for some related keywords, but according to, we are globally ranked number 2.471.752 with only 3 sites linking in…
    Thank you and I appreciate your advise

A: Hi you didn’t include your website so I can’t give you the best answer. If you have good website content I’d try article marketing to get more high quality links back to your site. Otherwise come up with a way for your original visitors to spead the word about your website. Send me the url and I’ll provide you with a better solution.

  1. Darryl says:

    I have family visiting me in South Africa.. they are smiling all the way through the sunshine…

A: I’m pleased you hear you and your family are well.

  1. syah says:

    I want to ask a few question if u can answer me…
    1. where can i put my “BestSimple” website in the internet?
    2. where can I get the best source of MRR and PLR ?
    3. how can i make profit from my web site source?
    4. for how long i have to wait since i submit my web site to search engine?
    5. for how long i have to wait since i i submit to the directory?
    6. how can i use usenet, forum and yahoogroup , facebook..?

A: Hi, I’ll base my reply on this website of yours. You have far too much going on the page, I have no idea what the website is, what it does, or how it can help anyone. You are sending the visitor to many messages at once. What do you actually want a visitors to do when they visit your site? click a advert, buy a product, join your newsletter, read a article. You need to get people to do one action per page.

A Great source of MMR/PLR is Resell rights fortune

  1. How can i increase my adsense and affiliate sales with this blog. P.S are you doing any charitable work for the holidays like maybe mentoring those who are less unfortunate?

A: Hi William, Console repair is something that I know very well. It looks like your on the right track but you need to add more content, lots more. I would also recommend moving the website to your own domain name & hosting just in case blogspot decides to delete your site. Godaddy is good for cheap domains & hosting.

  1. BobAJob says:

    Hi, I have just built a web directory in Ireland. I have attached this to my business directory. I was wondering do you know where is the best place to advertise my website directory, as there is so many of them. Is there a website directory list i can add my Directory to?

    Best of luck with the snow, it’s getting bad here in Dublin too

A: Nice clean looking site, the problem you have is there are so many directories all doing the same thing. You need to do something unique that makes your site special, what can you provide that the other directories don’t? maybe focus on a specific trade, or location. Or focus the directory towards a specific group of people, people with disabilites for example and then add traders/businesses with experience catering to certain needs.

  1. hi lee , not getn no response from my website an how can i be seen on page 1 of google . jennifer

A: Hi Jennifer, You have lots of work to do I’m afraid. Your website needs to be focused and made to look more professional, I’m guessing wedding dresses and prom wear will have lots of centmental value and you need to assure people that you will take good care of their belongings. As for being No1 on google I think you could rank highly for “prom dress cleaners” but your website needs more content and then back links your website focus around the prom cleaning keywords. Also answer any questions people may have about your service, why should people use your service instead of Johnsons? Cheaper price, collection & return service, faster turnaround…

  1. Julie says:

    What was it that inspired you to start web-submissions and this blog?

A: Hi Julie, I’ve run my offline business for many years and it still does very well but I just wanted new challenges, it was becoming a boring day job more than my own business. I wanted to learn, grow and make money online. And of course helping others :) this often gives me the good feeling that no amount of money can buy.

  1. Ng Eng Hou says:

    any good but free SEO tools to recommend to me for my wordpress blog ?
    my blog at current has a 6.7/10, please tell me how I can improve further on the rating of this blog?

A: I’d get your own domain name and hosting as soon as you can, build up your online properties don’t build them up for other people. Godaddy is good for cheap domains & hosting. I use the All in One SEO Pack plugin on my wordpress blogs which works well, other than that just write good content. Your website is definatley going onwards and upwards.

  1. Sven says:

    Hi Lee,
    here’s my question : in your opinion and experience, how usefull is it to buy targeted traffic to your site? On a total of 4500 targeted visitors, how many sales can I realistically expect?
    The reason I ask this, is that buying 27.000 visitors (not targeted) didn’t get me a single sale!
    My main site is : and it’s a PIPS.
    Thanks for the answer!

A: How targetted? Did someone type your keyword/s looking for what your providing?, this is very targetted traffic. Everything else will be less targetted. Try doing small experiments with your traffic sources a 1000 visits is enough to give you a rough idea of the traffic quality. I’d stay away from all the “we send you 10,000 real visitors for only $9.99” sites, I’ve never heard of anyone getting good results with these.

  1. Greaham C says:

    Hi, how do you find quality back links on the internet with a high Page Rank ? I have got a few but am aiming for page 1 on several key words. I understand that quality is better than quantity, is this correct ?

    My website is

A: I prefer to create a really good mix up of back links, use lots of different sources and mix your anchor text and link them to different pages in your site not just always to your homepage.

  1. pratik says:

    wats the way to promot website and get traffic??
    Aren’t there any other way other than directory submission,blog comment,forum posting ,social bookmarking???
    arent there other technique as green browser and submitterbot???

A: If your looking for the best, fastest traffic you should try Pay Per Click. It’s not the cheapest but it does work very well, start with small tests and work your way up.

  1. Anton says:

    How best to promote young website?

A: Just try to get your websites name in as many places as possible, create a twitter account and tweet all your content out. Create pages for your website on all the big social sites, facebook, stumble upon, digg… Pay per click ads can also give your website a initial boost in getting the word out.

  1. hs3mib says:

    Thank you for your offer to help.
    I need to know the best way of building external links to my website in order to get higher ranking,Thank you and I appreciate your advise

A: [Same as above] I prefer to create a really good mix up of back links, use lots of different sources and mix your anchor text and link them to different pages in your site not just always to your homepage.

  1. somchai says:

    I will do to consumers. Visit my website over 15,000 per day.

A: Not sure what you mean?

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Lee, I am 6 months into promoting SFI and am working on increasing hits to my personal website. I have moved from in the millions to about 650,000 th on Alexa but am not increasing my site hits.

    Any good advice on how to do this?

A: Are you using any analytics software on your website? Find out where your exisiting visitors are coming from and see if you can improve upon the current traffic source. I’m guessing that your making a little bit of money and you should be able to work how much each visitor is worth. Sales / Visitors = Visitor Value, you can now buy in targetted traffic so long as it’s cheaper than the visitor value.

  1. rishi singh says:

    hiyaaa friend.. i read your mail. which you sent me.. it is quite happiness for me that some one there who help me.. i don’t know what ever you said is truth or FAKE but let me try..
    so my problem is .. i want to add a comment box, like you create this. but my problem is.when ever someone comment it does’t show’n on that page..
    so tell me the correct HTML code for adding a comment box and comments visible on that page..

A: Try this it should make it really easy for you to add a comments area to any page you like.

  1. Janette says:

    I have a new website started about 2 weeks ago. I have listed on loads of search engines, directories, ebay and even gumtree, to try and get into the top rankings of google, but i am not ranked. I listed with google 3 times over a 6 week period. the only way I appear is if you type the website or through gumtree. I do not appear with the keywords. I have google webmaster etc, still no luck. i even use their keyword tool. I need traffic to my site!!!! help!!!!!!!

A: Hi Janette,I’ve taken a look at your website and when I first tried the website did not load, later in the day the website loaded but is still quite slow. Google will not rank your website very highly if it’s slow or often offline. You can also work on providing more text content to go with your products. On a personal note I would also change your background image to a single big file or a plain colour. You could also tidy up your header banner to look more professional, these cosmetics do not affect your place in google but it will affect sales.

  1. hye
    i started my web in Aug 2009 and got better response from visitor minimally i was 1500 visitor every in starting and my web alexa rank was 110000 but now their are no visitors and my alexa is also going toward 170000 can you suggest better way for me

A: Hi, I’ve viewed your website but I don’t get it! Can use these images on my site? if I can you need to tell people they can. Tell people what they need to know and don’t assume people will know what your website is about. Once people understand your site it will grow naturally.

  1. Derris says:

    Hi Lee

    Firstly thank you for this great offer of assistance to those of us who maybe struggling to find their place in the online industry. It is a very charitable thing to do and I am sure everyone else is extremely happy for this also.

    I have a few websites on the go at the moment – but none of them are managing to generate any revenue at all what so ever? First site went live, mid June 2010 and is – ranking porrly and generating no traffic other than the PPC visitors and they aren’t cheap. The second is and this went live end of July 2010 and is having exactly the same issue – no traffic and no revenue. I have been attempting to get backlinks to the websites and trying lots of things to get the page rank and conversion rate to a more respectable level – but I am starting to feel like I am flogging a dead horse!

    Could you take a quick look at my sites and if you see anything obvious I would be very happy if you could advise.
    (another site I have is – this one is going to target the Rugby World Cup Next Year and I will be getting relevent info into it next year in preparation for the world cup.

    Many thanks

A: Hi Derris, I can see a few things causing problems on your website, the first is the header it’s a massive images and it’s taking up too much room. People will leave your site instantly! Secondly I feel that you have to many ads on your website I’d suggest removing the ones at the very top, side edges and very bottom. Try to focus your pages on the your helpful content and not so much on the adverts. Do some research on what people are looking for and then write articles, tips, cheat sheets, guides, reviews, top 10’s and add these to your website. You can also add this content to articles directorys but make sure you link them back to your websites content. The other thing I would suggest is try to do something a little different from the other gambling sites. Try to think like a person, why would a person go to your website and not directly to the vendor sites? you need to offer them something special. The website has a much better layout than your other two sites that bombard you with ads, do more sites like :)

  1. Morning, how do you set the “subscribe to these news letters” form that appears when you land on your page? I have several websites like and that I would like to do the same. Thanks

A: Hi Wayne, it’s created by and I highly recommend it, but the downside is that it’s only for internet related newsletters.

  1. Nick Chen says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your email and i really enjoy your emails.

    I have a question, when i search my website on google, site: and only, the title of my website different, what is the problem? How can i solve this? Please advice, thank!

A: Hi Nick, I’ve not seen this issue before. I could not reproduce the results with any of my websites, are you using google webmaster tools? if not get that setup. You can use google webmaster central to run diagnostics on your website and this may point to whats causing the problem, it could be a sitemap or crawler issue.

  1. Hi

    I would like to how much is my site worth?

A: Hi Johan, it’s difficult to value your website without knowing it’s earnings. A general guide of a websites value is 10x monthly profit, but it can also be many times more.

  1. komasa says:

    i can not find my answer why is that ?

    my qes was how many links can i do every day to my site ? please answer me soon
    thank you

A: Hello, I prefer a slow and steady manual method to build your backlinks and then build them faster as time goes on. You want them to look unique and like people created them not some kind of spammy software.

  1. Hi Lee,

    Our new site selling organic baby clothes, is slowly growing. The hardest trick it seems is to grab visitors – those that do come by stay – fortunately!

    Could you confirm some general assumptions I have made re. SEO?

    keywords in image names are picked up when calculating SEO.
    Shopping comparison sites have at least as many links to your site as they have product listings – do each of these links provide SEO?
    Social media, Twitter/FB etc posts with links – including ’shared’ or ‘re-tweeted’ posts add additional links and are calculated towards SEO.

    Finally – fancy giving us some feedback on the site?


A: Hi Joel, I thought the site was bright and well presented. I only noticed that your page title is set to louisbee and not a good keyword phrase like “organic baby clothes”, I’d recommend changing this unless people actually search for louisbee in the search engines.

  1. Dennis says:

    Hi Lee
    I was made redundant last September and due to age and disability I think online marketing is the next thing for me. So I have made two sites: for my daughter and for on line marketing. I can’t afford to pay out so it’s been the cheapest way possible. I’ve learnt about domain names, hosting, and made my sites with office front page. I am hitting YouTube with short movie clips with my site added, also hitting emails, but not sure what next to get traffic. Any help would be appreciated as I have to learn hell of a lot more.
    Thank you

Hi  Dennis, I’ve taken a look at both of your websites. My best advice is to move away from front page and try a free content management system like wordpress you will be able to design fantastic looking pages with minimal effort. My other suggestion is to add more text content to your giftgalaw pages because people wont be attracted to / read through a page full of banners. Create your content and then add in your banners.

  1. ben says:

    Hi Lee
    my site has been live now since august and im not getting many visitors unless i advertise on classifieds i have subbited to everyone checked my keywords etc and no success please help

A: Hi Ben, The site looks pretty good and has balance of pictures & text. Your on the right track. The only thing I would change right now is your page title tag from

<title>marleylandgsd</title> to something more search engine friendly like <title>German Shepherd Puppies In Essex</title>

or whatever your target keyword phrase is unless people actually search for you by your name.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know how much my site hints or graph???

    Thanks in advance.

A: Hello Muhammad, Do you mean you want to track how many visitors your getting? if so try google analytics, it’s free and works very well.

  1. Hi,
    I would appreciate your comments on this site, and any improvements you can suggest which was built using a site builder (OLSB)

A: Hi Tim, the website looks fine no major problems that I can see. Maybe just tidy up the layout on the homepage were your contact buttons are located.

  1. Patrick says:

    Lee,Sorry this is two questions really but how often does a marketing person actually interact with real people! First up is there an ultimate guide to wordpress, and second in your honest opinion do any of the $37.00 make it online programs really work.

Hi Patrick, I’ve not used any wordpress guides so I can’t really recommend anything right now. Are you stuck and particular problem or just the general setup and running? In answer to your second question, Yes programs work at all price levels but so many factors effect the end result. The product quality, writing style, student’s (buyer) expectations and most importantly the student’s implementation of the instructions. It’s sad but many people buy product and never put them to use, I think even if the product is rubbish you should be able to learn something like how to write a good sales page (the reason you purchased the product).

  1. Thanks for your mail, keep me posted.



  2. mike says:

    hi do free web site submission work, also
    im not going to spend much money until my site have been checked by you if you got time to have a look, cant see my website in google,
    keep up the good work, many thanks mike jarvis

A: Hi Mike, your site looks good  but I think you have a problem with duplicate content by promoting Amazon products, I’m not sure if you are already doing this but I’d advise creating your own unique descriptions and reviews for each product. Otherwise google just see’s your site as a copy of the original content and it’s harder to rank for keywords.

  1. Hi there,
    My web host i.e have this great Meebo IM toolbar for chatting. The problem is, lately, it hasn’t been functioning on my site.
    My question is, where can I find a great chat toolbar that appears at the bottom of my page for free?
    I know I sound cheap by asking ‘for free’ but please answer.

A: Hello, I can’t recommend a chat tool bar but a great source of free scripts & tools is I use them all the time.

  1. Aleza says:

    i am unable to find anyway to have website ranked high , and free website submission

A: You need more unique content on your website, are those post from some kind of automatic generation? you need more text in each post.

  1. Allison says:

    Ni Lee,
    I did not make the time to pose a question, however, I made the time to read your responses. I learned quite a bit. This was a good idea. Almost makes me wish you more snow so you can snuggle in and answer more if you think to do it again. (Smile) I’m kidding. Great post.

A: Hi Allison, thank for you comments. I’ve actually got a few idea’s lined up so we can all help each other out.

  1. Hi Lee,,Being a newbie,would appreciate critique of my website which I have had setup as an affiliate to am having a few problems with the html headers and meta tags according to validator-otherwise have registered withmany other search engines – have only had 1000+visitors in 6weeks – cant do promotion through Google as they say my site is against their Bridging Police ie when clicked upon the visitor is taken to another site – my Site
    Thank you Bill

A: Hi Bill, In regards to the headers it look like you have two headers, do you have a seo plugin? try disabling the plugin or the header creation in the theme itself. To get more traffic you need to create content such as product reviews, guides or tutorials. There needs to be a reason for a person to visit your website, they wont visit your website unless it provides some value to them.

  1. Allison says:

    Duh…reread your post. Used your web submission software and was surprised I got three average ratings. Other 2 sites are and My visits are increasing though not as quickly as I would like. What to do? More links?Not specific enough in telling people what to do? I know I need a merchandise system; what is a good one? Will use your suggestion for the blog.
    What service is good for landing pages?

A: Hi Allison the archtect design is something I have no experience in and would of thought that you will get small amounts of traffic due to the nature of your business. On the thumbprint site you need to change the images / text on the left navigation panel, it’s very difficult to read. As for landing page lead capture try Aweber

  1. daveamos says:

    hi lee,
    very many thanks for all the information you are sending out , which is most appreciated. I would value your comments on this new site which i have developed for a local business man looking for more orders/enquiries, what could be done code wise to increase its chances of being found, its hard to know what people might key in if they wanted to find this company,
    many thanks, dave

    • daveamos says:

      oooops – I did not mention the domain name in the main text, its, any feed back from any one would be most appreciated.

    A: Hello Dave, The site looks nice and professional. The only obvious area I can see need improvement is your html header.

<title>Castle Court Knitwear Company</title>
<meta name="description" content="manufacture knitted sweaters for schoolwear, workwear leisurewear" />

I’d change the title to your targeted keyword phrase and the description to a short paragraph about what the company provides.

Your title and description show in the google results, so you should ensure they are focused and attract visitors to visit your site.

  1. Malbaba says:

    Dear Lee,
    Just in case, I am resubmitting my url to you as I am not sure if it went through the first time.
    You asked me for my website url, it is
    I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.

A: Hi, Your website looks good and appears to be quite unique. I’m not sure what your original question was but here’s a few pointers:

1) Add a postage price guide, to give people a rough idea of costs in advance. Also let people know vat’s included (before the checkout), that’s if it is included pre checkout.

2) Your contact page need to be very simple, you need the name, email address and the question. You contact form want’s address, phone number and lots of other information. People won’t fill this in and you’ll lose sales.

3) As for traffic I’d write most ext content for your products, I know it’s hard sometimes but write anything you can and also encourage user reviews & feedback.

  1. Hi
    Great thanks for your email.
    I want to know that how i can earn money from my blog and in every country his will available or not? in Nepal also we can get money if we earn. how to address it?
    thanks for you again

A: Hello, I don’t understand the purpose of your website so I can’t comment on how it can make money. For getting paid you can setup a partnership in the US or European countries and have them earn the money via a company account and then wire transfer it to you via western union or moneygram (check the law prior to doing this, due to potential legal issues).

  1. Amit says:

    We just came across your newsletter in our website and we were in the process devising a strategy to overcome the limitation our website is offering. Could you kindly review our website to see where exactly we are lacking and why our website cannot generate conversions.

    Thank You


A: Hi Amit, You need to provide more information about your products and services in a simple easy to understand manner.

The first problem I noticed was when clicking courses in the top right navigation bar I then have to select the course in the middle left navigation bar and this will cause confusion. The also did not appear to have much information about them, I’m not sure if that’s normal.

  1. gerry says:

    I have website with 1 year old, but until now my website not get PR from google. Tell me how to get the PR, what we shuld do etc…


A: Hi Gerry, Don’t focus your efforts on PR. Higher PR does not always equal money! Focus your efforts on attracting visitors that want your stuff. If you really want to boost your PageRank then you just need to build more links to your site.

  1. Daniel says:

    With all the snow and problems you have taken the time to email all of us.
    How do you do that I mean which SOFTWARE do you use to promote this mass emails, and i can see your emails dont get into my spam box that is just great.
    Because i can see lot of promoting emails getting either spammed or IP ADDRESS ARE BLOCKED.

Hi Daniel, The tool I use is called Aweber and I consider it to be the best, because Aweber’s reputation 99.999% of my emails will be delivered.

  1. Dear Lee

    Happy New Year & merry chrisms’

    Thank you very much for all your advice and your email

    Up tell now I have around 6689403 visitors to my web side

    So how we make $ from this.

    Pls advise me the way to do it…????

    Thanks & best Regards

    Riad Arafat

Hi, I’m sorry but I can’t read the text on your website, I don’t understand it.

  1. sheila says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for asking for questions. I dont look after my site I pay a friend to do it because I know nothing about making or keeping up a site. I submit it once a month to the search engines. I used to come on page one of google but now I am well down.
    my question is how can I improve the visibility of my site. Thanks Sheila

Hi Sheila, the website looks really good. I would suggest that you try to get your websites name about in the social areas by creating profiles on web 2.0 sites, uploading the sites accommodation & holiday images to image hosting and sharing sites, create a twitter profile and send out tweets when you have new property to rent.

  1. Damir says:

    My website has pretty good trafic (17000 visitors, 30000 pages) in half year, it covers good theme, but it does not monetize.Is it price to high, or maybe I am not well known.What could be reason and what should I do.thank you

A: Hello, I’d consider doing some market research and find out if this is something people are looking for and want to buy, I also didn’t see any information about what the course included just the monthly fee. I might of missed the course details but it really needs to be obvious. Also change the wordpress theme to anything other than the default theme.

  1. abhijith says:

    Sir,I have a website about C programming tutorials.Now I have a google PR(page rank) of zero,but i am trying to get some back links,but still no change in PR,how many back links i need to get a PR of 1,is there any formula to calculate PR?

A: Hi, There is no exact formula try building links from other website in your niche market this should help get you some good link juice.

  1. Hi Lee,

    I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a question in to you in time. I had hoped to get some feedback on my website. In any case, your answers to other peoples questions were very useful to me. Good luck with the snow! :)


A: Hi Jorge, the site looks nice and well presented. Try adding some good related content to suck people into your site and then offer them the “opportunity” to get these freebies.

  1. Santhosh says:

    Hi Lee,
    This is Santhosh
    I blog about laptops or notebooks and my blog is Notebook Solutions and it is not the best of the laptop blogs around but still has good and useful content.

    My question is, I have tried most of things to get to the first page of the google for specific keywords such as no display, no sound, etc.
    I have submitted articles to ezine and other article directories, posted replies in many notebook related forums, submitted my blog to article directories having good PR, ping services and also to some extent my blog is seo optimized, okay recently I have stopped blogging on daily basis looking at my results as my daily traffic has not gone past over 100 or so.
    Most of the techniques that I have tried are the free ones, is there any tip that you can give me so that I get more traffic to my blog or rank well in google and for free.
    I know few things that I have not done yet, such as Video promotion, PPC and others. Looking for something different.

    Thank You

A: Hi, the only thing I would change is the navigation on the right hand site, make it easier for people to get to your next article. Swap the archive dates for categories or post titles, dates don’t attract people to click them. This will ensure your visitors stick around longer and perhaps share your content with others.



  1. Gary Payne says:

    Hi lee can you tell us what we could do to make our website better and get more visits too as we are new to the website game.

    Thank you again for being so helpful

  2. Hello Mr.Lee,
    Iam getting lot of spam emails and iam tracing the IP address in my website forms. But the IP address locators website are also not properly showing the exact place of locations of the client. Spamming has really become a headache to me answering there emails and wasting hell of time and no business in the end. I try not to Waste my money on phone call. How do i prevent this spamming i have other websites also and the same problems.

  3. Alik says:

    Hi Lee

    Please look at my site. This site is indexed Google and has very low visitors. That it is necessary to change to increase number of visitings.

  4. AC says:

    Hey lee,I cant believe you answered all those people like that,I read them all,and the info was great,and hopefully I can get my Seo methods better for my site,good job and you should do the Ask Me Anything again soon…..

  5. Hy lee, How is Doing?
    I found a site which is for food and by location its changing the site content client ask that how i can improve my productivity. there are lots of keywords and they want every keyword on top.

  6. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for your reply even though it didn’t quite nail what I wanted, but I found it useful in other ways. Trust me!
    Thank you.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Haithem says:

    how can i increase trafic to my wib site and get more bussinnes.

  8. madyjojjef says:

    Hy lee Thanks for response,
    1st do some quality link than optimize the site title and description with targeted keywords.

  9. Well, it’s fun to read the questions in this forum and read the response from Mr. Lee. I can get a lot of important information from Mr. Lee’s answers. Unfortunately I did not ask questions as the email to be missed. But can I still ask? My blog ( aged 6 months on furniture. But I began to optimize November. Revenue is still zero. Can you advise me?

  10. lee says:

    Hi lee thank you for your response
    in reply to the optimization
    this knowledge is what i lack on

    is this something that can be done easy if not is there a cost that you can do
    and what benefits do optimization will do

    I am aware the header and nav bar take up a lot of rom and i am working on that

  11. Julie says:

    Thanks Lee,
    have a good evening

  12. darkdaz says:

    how do i get my forums eg php to be configured right so i can upgrade and use ranks?

    as my host i am with has messed it a bit, eg most of the time phpbb foums should be in one, path , eg forums., but mine has gone like forums, and then all the config and settings are in another folder called phpbb-content,

    do u have any suggestions please

  13. John says:

    I am fascinated by your rather negative remarks. The site is Prestashop – probably one the biggest site designs in Europe, was designed by the same man who has done others on Prestashop, very successfully.

    I think you need to learn a bit, don’t you???

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      My comments were to the point as I explained in advance that they would be, I’m not going to tell you the site look great if it doesn’t. I really think those margins look bad and the search box and cart area a not aligned properly. Please don’t take my comments as a attack it’s just my opinion. Regards Lee

    • I think he was just being open and frank! That’s all!

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