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It’s pretty crazy in the UK right now due to all the snow over the past few days, we don’t actually get that much snow here and despite the UK’s rich resources we don’t seem to prepare for the snow and then we deal with it badly when it arrives. The country generally comes to standstill when the snow hits.

This is what the roads looked like near me, not so bad but so still enough to cause problems.

For many people the change in the weather will mean a loss of earnings, lots people can’t get out to work and those that do make it out to work will often find they have no customers.

Today the snow didn’t affect my online earnings but it did make me think of all those people that couldn’t make any money which is going to be even tougher on them during the run up to Christmas.

I want to help you and as many others build your online businesses so that when these types of things happen you don’t get caught out and can still earn money.

Even if your online business could not provide a full time income, I’m sure a little extra money would help you out during these tough economic times.

So the idea behind this post is that you can “Ask Me Anything” and I’ll answer your question as best I can.

I have a lots of experience in many aspects of both online and offline businesses.

Offline includes –

Management, Marketing, Accounting, Company formation, Taxes

Online includes –

As with offline but skilled in web design, web promotion, affiliate marketing, seo, web revenues, conversions, email marketing… and all that kind of stuff with the exception of CPA (Cost Per Action). I’ve had a go at almost everything online (some with more success than others) and I should have something valuable to share with you on your questions.

You can ask me anything you want!

How to ask a question & the rules.

1) Leave your question in the comments area below – add your unique question, add relevant details and your website if you wish.

2) Please keep comments focused and no too long. I’m going to be reading and answering them all.

3) Ask a unique question, if the same question is asked twice it will only be answered once.

4) Ask a specific question, if you ask “whats the best source of traffic?” you won’t get the best answer as I don’t know anything about you or your website.

5) In a few days I’ll create a new post with all the questions and answers in a easy to read format.

Start asking your questions below.


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  1. Thanks for your mail, keep me posted.



  2. Patrick says:

    Lee,Sorry this is two questions really but how often does a marketing person actually interact with real people! First up is there an ultimate guide to wordpress, and second in your honest opinion do any of the $37.00 make it online programs really work.

  3. Tim Collins says:

    I would appreciate your comments on this site, and any improvements you can suggest which was built using a site builder (OLSB)

  4. Muhammad Ali says:

    I would like to know how much my site hints or graph???

    Thanks in advance.

  5. ben says:

    Hi Lee
    my site has been live now since august and im not getting many visitors unless i advertise on classifieds i have subbited to everyone checked my keywords etc and no success please help

  6. Dennis says:

    Hi Lee
    I was made redundant last September and due to age and disability I think online marketing is the next thing for me. So I have made two sites: for my daughter and for on line marketing. I can’t afford to pay out so it’s been the cheapest way possible. I’ve learnt about domain names, hosting, and made my sites with office front page. I am hitting YouTube with short movie clips with my site added, also hitting emails, but not sure what next to get traffic. Any help would be appreciated as I have to learn hell of a lot more.
    Thank you

  7. Joel Bondoux says:

    Hi Lee,

    Our new site selling organic baby clothes, is slowly growing. The hardest trick it seems is to grab visitors – those that do come by stay – fortunately!

    Could you confirm some general assumptions I have made re. SEO?

    keywords in image names are picked up when calculating SEO.
    Shopping comparison sites have at least as many links to your site as they have product listings – do each of these links provide SEO?
    Social media, Twitter/FB etc posts with links – including ‘shared’ or ‘re-tweeted’ posts add additional links and are calculated towards SEO.

    Finally – fancy giving us some feedback on the site?


  8. komasa says:

    i can not find my answer why is that ?
    my qes was how many links can i do every day to my site ? please answer me soon
    thank you

  9. Hi

    I would like to how much is my site worth?

  10. Nick Chen says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your email and i really enjoy your emails.

    I have a question, when i search my website on google, site: and only, the title of my website different, what is the problem? How can i solve this? Please advice, thank!

  11. Wayne Skews says:

    Morning, how do you set the “subscribe to these news letters” form that appears when you land on your page? I have several websites like and that I would like to do the same. Thanks

  12. Derris says:

    Hi Lee

    Firstly thank you for this great offer of assistance to those of us who maybe struggling to find their place in the online industry. It is a very charitable thing to do and I am sure everyone else is extremely happy for this also.

    I have a few websites on the go at the moment – but none of them are managing to generate any revenue at all what so ever? First site went live, mid June 2010 and is – ranking porrly and generating no traffic other than the PPC visitors and they aren’t cheap. The second is and this went live end of July 2010 and is having exactly the same issue – no traffic and no revenue. I have been attempting to get backlinks to the websites and trying lots of things to get the page rank and conversion rate to a more respectable level – but I am starting to feel like I am flogging a dead horse!

    Could you take a quick look at my sites and if you see anything obvious I would be very happy if you could advise.
    (another site I have is – this one is going to target the Rugby World Cup Next Year and I will be getting relevent info into it next year in preparation for the world cup.

    Many thanks

  13. shujahat ali says:

    i started my web in Aug 2009 and got better response from visitor minimally i was 1500 visitor every in starting and my web alexa rank was 110000 but now their are no visitors and my alexa is also going toward 170000 can you suggest better way for me

  14. Janette says:

    I have a new website started about 2 weeks ago. I have listed on loads of search engines, directories, ebay and even gumtree, to try and get into the top rankings of google, but i am not ranked. I listed with google 3 times over a 6 week period. the only way I appear is if you type the website or through gumtree. I do not appear with the keywords. I have google webmaster etc, still no luck. i even use their keyword tool. I need traffic to my site!!!! help!!!!!!!

    • Check out your website Title , metatags , and content related to keywords.

      Optimize your website and submit to search engines, my suggestion is dont submit to many times in google , because it may think your site as spam.

      once your site is indexed dont resubmit, do your updates and wait for google to automatic index.

  15. rishi singh says:

    hiyaaa friend.. i read your mail. which you sent me.. it is quite happiness for me that some one there who help me.. i don’t know what ever you said is truth or FAKE but let me try..
    so my problem is .. i want to add a comment box, like you create this. but my problem is.when ever someone comment it does’t show’n on that page..
    so tell me the correct HTML code for adding a comment box and comments visible on that page..

  16. Peter says:

    Hi Lee, I am 6 months into promoting SFI and am working on increasing hits to my personal website. I have moved from in the millions to about 650,000 th on Alexa but am not increasing my site hits.

    Any good advice on how to do this?

  17. somchai says:

    I will do to consumers. Visit my website over 15,000 per day.

  18. hs3mib says:

    Thank you for your offer to help.
    I need to know the best way of building external links to my website in order to get higher ranking,Thank you and I appreciate your advise

  19. Anton says:

    How best to promote young website?

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